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Shadows of the pack novel Chapter 50

Aria slowly opened her eyes, wincing at the bright light streaming in through the window. She immediately closed them again, trying to shield herself from the intrusive rays. As she lay there, she felt a gentle movement on the bed beside her, and the memories from the previous night came rushing back, flooding her mind with a mix of excitement and trepidation.
"You're awake," a deep voice spoke, breaking the silence that enveloped the room. Aria's body ached as she attempted to move, reminding her of the passionate encounters they had shared. The pain resonated through her limbs, serving as both a reminder and a testament to the intensity of their connection.
"I'm sorry," he murmured but there was no tinge of regret. Aria found herself disregarding his words, her attention fully captivated by her own reflection in the nearby mirror. Her disheveled hair stuck out in all directions, and the marks on her skin, remnants of their unrestrained desire, were visible for all to see. She couldn't help but feel a surge of self-consciousness as her gaze lingered upon the evidence of the fact that Knox had fucked her.
For a brief moment, she closed her eyes, attempting to compose herself as a memory from last night played out in her head.
"Knox please don't stop." She begged as he drove his dick into her, pounding her from behind.
A gasp flew out from her lips when his teeth came down biting into her skin but not enough to leave a permanent mark.
She opened them slowly and when she finally gathered the courage, she turned to face him, a blush crept up her cheeks, adding a touch of warmth to her complexion.
"You look beautiful," Knox said, staring at her. His eyes told her he meant what he said but her gaze returned to the mirror, her eyes meeting her own reflection once more. Before she could voice her thoughts, he interrupted her, his voice firm and commanding. "You look beautiful," Knox repeated, his words carrying a weight that silenced any self-doubt that had begun to brew within her.
Feeling a mix of curiosity and anxiety, Aria turned her attention to the window, trying to gauge the time. "What time is it?" she inquired, her voice betraying a sense of urgency.
"A little past midday," Knox responded, his tone implying a hint of indifference. Aria's eyes widened, a mixture of surprise and frustration coloring her expression. "What? Why didn't you wake me up? Why would you let me sleep that long?" Her questions spilled out, each word laced with a trace of accusation.
"You needed rest after last night," Knox replied, his voice oozing with confidence and a touch of arrogance. His words hung in the air, a reminder of the passion they had shared, the raw desire that had consumed them both. Aria's mind wandered to their intimate moments, replaying the sensations of his hands on her body and the lingering marks he had left behind. The memory ignited a flicker of arousal within her, causing her to instinctively tighten her leg, feeling the evidence of her desire pooling down her thigh.
The low rumble of Knox's voice interrupted her reverie, his possessive growl resonating through the room. He pulled her roughly from beneath the covers, his actions primal and commanding. With a swift motion, he flipped her over, then took her behind again.
Aria's body quivered in the aftermath of their intense encounter, the room filled with a mix of heavy breathing and the lingering scent of their desires. She lay there, her back pressed against the cool sheets, as Knox's warmth enveloped her from behind. Her mind was racing, thoughts colliding in a whirlwind of conflicting emotions.
As the air gradually settled, Aria mustered the courage to break the silence. "Knox," she whispered, her voice betraying a mixture of vulnerability and determination.
Knox shifted slightly, his fingers tracing lazy patterns along her exposed shoulder. "Yes, Aria?" he responded, his tone softened with a tenderness.
She took a deep breath, gathering her thoughts before speaking. "We... we need to talk about us.About the mating bond. I'm not sure—" Aria began, her voice quivering slightly.
Knox tensed beside her, sensing the weight of her words. "What do you mean?" he asked cautiously, his hand pausing its gentle caress.
Aria turned to face him, her eyes meeting his intense gaze. "Sophia just mated," she started, her voice laced with a mix of concern and consideration. "It's a big change for her, and we should let things settle down before we proceed with forming the mating bond."
Knox's brow furrowed as he absorbed her words. Understanding flickered in his eyes, intermingled with a touch of disappointment. " We don't need to wait to form the bond. I'm not saying we should have a mating ceremony right now. Even if we decided to, the pack would be thrilled with the news. They would finally have a Luna and Lydia would be freed of her responsibilities."
Aria sat up shutting out the pain, "Luna." The words felt foreign to her as if she was just realizing the impact of being his mate.
Knox sat up next to her but putting a distance between them as he felt her walls coming up, "This isn't just about Sophia is it?"
Aria sighed, "No", she confessed, her eyes searching his face for understanding. "There's something else holding me back. I'm still trying to figure out the pieces of my life, my own identity."
Knox's features softened, his hand reaching out to cup her cheek. "Aria, I understand that you need time," he said, his voice filled with genuine concern. "And I want to be there for you, to help you unravel those pieces. But I also want you to know that I'm here, fully committed to you."
Aria leaned into his touch, comforted by his words. "I know you're here for me, Knox," she replied, her voice tinged with gratitude. "It's just... there's a possibility that Lucas—"
Knox's body tensed at the mention of Lucas's name, a flicker of unease crossing his face. There was just something about Lucas that even he would admit unnerved him."What about Lucas?" he asked, his voice steady but with a trace of guardedness.
Aria took a deep breath, gathering her thoughts before speaking. "Lucas... When I attacked JB and ran into the woods. He found me and I stayed with him for three weeks. He told me he was my father and I'm still trying to figure it out if he told me the truth then there is the Silvercrest pack. I feel like I still owe it to Gabriel even though I'm not sure anymore."
"He chose me as his heir. If I become your Luna I can never fulfill my promise to him."
Knox stood up, "Are you even listening to yourself? Lucas might be your father and then you owe it to Gabriel to still lead the pack. After everything you have been through?"
"Knox you have to understand. I want us, but I need to explore this part of my past to be sure."
She sighed as she got off the bed. She wrapped a hand around his waist, pressing herself against him, "We will form the bond I promise. Just give me a little more time." She pushed herself up gently brushing her lips against his. He groaned before giving in and placing his lips on hers.
Her hands went around his neck. He lifted her up and then he took her again against the wall.
Shana wandered aimlessly along a secluded path, her steps carrying her deeper into the peaceful embrace of nature. The rustling leaves whispered soothing melodies as a gentle breeze brushed against her skin. The weight of the past hung heavy in her heart, a maelstrom of emotions swirling within her.
As she walked, Shana found herself drawn to a serene clearing bathed in dappled sunlight. The vibrant colors of the flowers painted a picturesque scene, contrasting with the turmoil that churned within her. With a sigh, she settled onto a moss-covered rock, allowing the tranquility of the surroundings to seep into her weary soul.
Closing her eyes, Shana let the memories flood her mind once again, replaying the last conversation she had with Mira. The words echoed in her ears, each syllable etching itself deeper into her consciousness.
"It's a pity, Mira," she had said, her voice filled with a mix of sadness and resolve. "A pity that things ended up the way they did between us."
A flicker of regret crossed Mira's eyes but it was gone as fast as it came.
Shana felt the magic coursing through her body. She took one last look at Mira,"I won't let what I did to you define your future anymore."
The pain and hurt had been palpable in that moment, the weight of their shattered bond almost suffocating. Shana had yearned for closure, for a resolution that could mend the wounds inflicted by their tumultuous history. But now, as she sat in the peaceful clearing, she realized that closure might never come in the way she had hoped.
Tears welled up in Shana's eyes, the anguish of their fractured relationship still fresh in her heart. The bond they had once shared had been marred by betrayal and broken promises, leaving scars that refused to fade.
As Shana sat lost in her thoughts, the tranquility of the clearing was abruptly shattered by the sound of a familiar voice. Jackson approached cautiously, his curious eyes studying Shana's tear-stained face.
"I didn't think anyone in the pack would be sad," Jackson remarked, his voice filled with a touch of surprise. "It's the Nightshade pack's first mating ceremony eve. Everyone should be buzzing with excitement."
Shana managed a weak smile, attempting to conceal the raw emotions that still lingered beneath the surface. "Sometimes, even on joyous occasions, the weight of the past can still be overwhelming," she replied, her voice carrying a tinge of melancholy.
Intrigued, Jackson took a seat beside her, his presence both comforting and inquisitive. "What happened, Shana?" he asked gently, his eyes filled with genuine concern.
Shana hesitated for a moment, debating whether to open up to him. He was still all but a stranger. But something in Jackson's empathetic gaze encouraged her to share her burden. With a sigh, she mustered the courage to reveal a glimpse of her past.
"I just had a blast from the past," she confessed, her voice carrying a mixture of pain and resignation. "Someone I used to be close to, Mira, resurfaced in my life. Well technically I resurfaced in her life.. It's complicated... a history of broken promises, betrayal, and wounds that haven't fully healed."
Jackson listened attentively, his eyes locked on Shana's face, captivated by the emotions woven into her words. He reached out and gently squeezed her hand, offering a comforting presence amidst her turmoil.
"I can't imagine how difficult that must be," Jackson empathized, his voice filled with sincerity. "Sometimes, the ghosts of our past can haunt us in unexpected ways."
Shana nodded, appreciating the understanding reflected in Jackson's words. "It's true," she replied, her voice tinged with a mix of resignation and determination. "Closure doesn't always come in the way we hope. But I've come to realize that I can't let the pain define me or hold me back from moving forward."
Jackson's eyes sparkled with curiosity as he leaned closer, his voice filled with genuine interest. "And how do you plan to move forward?" he inquired, eager to hear Shana's perspective.
A faint smile played on Shana's lips, a glimmer of newfound strength shining through. "I plan to focus on building a future that isn't overshadowed by the past," she explained, her voice filled with resolve. "I want to embrace the present, cherish the connections I have now, and create a path that aligns with my own desires and growth."
As Shana spoke, Jackson's admiration for her resilience grew. He sensed the depth of her character and the strength that emanated from within. "That's incredibly brave," he remarked, his voice tinged with admiration. "To rise above the pain and forge your own path takes incredible strength."
Shana's gaze met Jackson's, gratitude and determination shimmering in her eyes. "Thank you," she replied softly, her voice touched with a mix of vulnerability and newfound determination. "Sometimes, all it takes is a gentle reminder from someone unexpected to realize that we hold the power to shape our own destiny."
"What do you think your destiny is like?"
Jackson looked away, "Definitely not in line with the path I'm walking right now. I never wanted to be Alpha. I just wanted to be normal, a wolf free to choose the life I want. But I have all this responsibilities thrust upon me. My mother keeps lining up she wolves. I just want to have a chance to breath."
Shana studied him, "Your mate? You don't have any hope of finding her?"
Jackson sighed, "I don't know. All I want to do is to be free of these responsibilities."
Silence followed before Jackson broke it. He stood up, "You want to rewrite your destiny right?"
Shana nodded slowly.
"Then run away with me."


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