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Shadows of the pack novel Chapter 69

The stillness in the room hung heavy as all eyes were fixed on the motionless pup cradled in the pack healer's hands. Melody's heart sank, anxiety gripping her chest. Aria's brow furrowed, and the pack healer's expression turned somber.
Rebecca's grip on Sarah's hand tightened, her eyes welling up with tears. "Why isn't he moving?" Her voice trembled, laced with worry and fear.
Aria stepped closer, her gaze focused on the pup. "Let’s just give him a moment," she said softly, her voice carrying a mixture of concern and hope.
Seconds stretched into an agonizing eternity, each heartbeat seeming to echo in the tense atmosphere. And then, just as despair began to settle in, a tiny, fragile cry pierced the air. The sound was feeble, like a distant melody, but it shattered the silence like a ray of light breaking through the darkness.
Tears of relief glistened in Rebecca's eyes as she let out a choked laugh, her grip on Sarah's hand easing. "He's okay," she whispered, her voice quivering with emotion.
The pack healer's hands cradled the pup carefully, her touch both gentle and confident. "He just needed a little encouragement," she said, a warm smile tugging at the corners of her lips.
The room seemed to brighten as the pup's cries grew stronger, filling the air with newfound life. Melody let out a shaky breath she didn't realize she was holding, her tense shoulders relaxing as hope blossomed anew.
"He's got quite the set of lungs," Sarah remarked with a relieved chuckle, breaking the tension.
Rebecca's laughter mingled with tears, a radiant smile gracing her face.
Aria placed a reassuring hand on Melody's shoulder, her eyes reflecting a shared sense of relief. "You did great," she whispered to Melody, her voice carrying genuine appreciation.
As the pup's cries continued to fill the room, the weight of responsibility that had rested heavily on Melody's shoulders lifted. Her gaze shifted to Rebecca, who was now cradling her pup in her arms, a mixture of awe and tenderness on her face.
Their eyes met, and in that moment, unspoken words passed between them. A fresh wave of pain ran through her. With one last look at Rebecca, she excited the room.
The days that followed the tragic incident felt like an endless blur for JB. Each moment was a haze of pain, grief, and confusion. He stood by his mother’s bedside, his gaze fixed on her pale, unmoving form. Her once-vibrant energy was now reduced to a fragile whisper, and the weight of her absence hung heavily in the air.
JB's heart ached, a storm of emotions raging within him. The loss of his father had already left a gaping hole in his heart, and now, the thought of losing his mother too was almost unbearable. He felt powerless just like he had felt when Lucas came at him and his father sacrificed his life taking the hit for him. He was consumed by a sense of helplessness that gnawed at his insides.
His mind was a battlefield, memories of happier times clashing with the harsh reality before him. Lilian's laughter, her gentle touch, the way she used to brush a strand of hair behind her ear – these memories taunted him, a bittersweet reminder of what he might lose.
JB stood by the window, his gaze fixed on the horizon but seeing nothing.His pack members were scattered around without a leader. He knew he was hiding out in the Nightshade Pack but facing the reality of being the Alpha was just a reminder of all that had been lost during the battle between light and darkness. The pain was overwhelming, threatening to swallow him whole. His fists clenched at his sides, his knuckles turning white as he tried to contain the storm within him. He felt anger, not just at the situation, but at the unfairness of it all.
Just as he was about to surrender to the flood of tears threatening to spill from his eyes, he sensed a presence beside him.
 Knox stood there silently, giving JB the space he needed to process his emotions. The silence was a comforting cocoon, a rare understanding that flowed between them without words.
"It doesn't get easier. That's just a lie everyone tells," Knox finally spoke, his voice carrying the weight of truth.
JB turned his head to look at Knox, his eyes red-rimmed and raw. He appreciated the honesty in Knox's words – the acknowledgment that grief was a journey filled with twists and turns, not a destination with an easier path.
"No, it doesn't," JB admitted, his voice hoarse. He wiped a tear from his cheek, a mixture of gratitude and exhaustion washing over him. "I miss them, Knox. Both of them."
Knox nodded, his own gaze distant for a moment as he seemed lost in his thoughts. "I know you do. Losing someone you love... it's a pain that never truly goes away. But, with time, it becomes something you learn to carry."
JB's shoulders sagged, and he took a shaky breath. "I'm trying, Knox. But it hurts so damn much and I what if she doesn’t– "
Knox placed a hand on JB's shoulder to stop him from completing the sentence, "It's okay to hurt, JB. It's okay to feel anger, sadness, confusion – all of it. Grief isn't something you can just push aside and the witches say Lilian is improving. She will get better. We just have to keep hoping on the moon goddess."
A bitter smile tugged at the corners of JB's lips. "Yeah, I know that. Doesn't make it any easier though."
They stood there, side by side, both lost in their own thoughts for a moment. The wind outside rustled the leaves, a soft whisper that seemed to echo the unspoken emotions in the room.
"I've been where you are," Knox said softly, his voice a mix of empathy and understanding. "When I lost my father... it felt like the world had shattered into a million pieces. He was the type of leader I wanted to be. He was not perfect but he was a good father. His death had hurt even more than Nikolai’s betrayal.”
JB turned to look at Knox, curiosity mingling with his grief. "How did you... how did you keep going?"
Knox's gaze was steady, his eyes filled with a wisdom that only came from experience. "I leaned on the people who cared about me. I let them in, even when I wanted to shut the world out. And slowly, their support helped me find my way back."
A tear rolled down JB's cheek, and he looked away, his emotions threatening to overwhelm him once more. "I don't know if I can do this, Knox. It's just…”
Knox's grip on JB's shoulder tightened, his voice firm but gentle. "You're not alone, JB. You have people who care about you – you might not be an official member of the pack but with everything you have been through, you are one of us. Aria wants you to know that.”
JB nodded, his throat tight with emotion. "Thank you, Knox."
They stood there, the weight of their shared grief hanging in the air. The silence was different now, not just a space to process, but a bridge between two souls who understood each other's pain.
"It's okay to lean on others," Knox said, breaking the silence once more. "Strength doesn't mean carrying everything on your own. It means having the courage to let others help you."
JB looked at Knox, as a thought crossed his mind, “ Do you think it's over? The war?"
Knox looked into his eyes, “I wish I could say yes but honestly, Does the chaos really ever stop?”
 The air was thick with an aura of wisdom and power as werewolves, witches and other supernatural beings assembled in solemn anticipation.
Intricately carved wooden chairs lined the circular room, each bearing the insignia of a different supernatural clan, a symbol of the unity that The Order represented. The members, distinguished by their unique attire and presence, took their seats with a sense of purpose and reverence.
 The anticipation was palpable, the collective breaths held in anticipation of the leader's arrival. Then, like a shadow materializing from the depths of history, the leader of The Order stepped into the chamber.
Clad in robes that seemed to shift with an otherworldly luminescence, the leader exuded an aura of ageless wisdom and authority. His eyes, deep pools of ancient knowledge, surveyed the gathered assembly before settling on the central dais. The leader's presence commanded attention, and a hushed reverence filled the air.
The leader's voice, rich and resonant, finally broke the silence. "I know you all sit in wonder as to why we are gathered here.It is unfortunate that I have to inform you that we stand at a crossroads," he began, his words carrying a weight that seemed to echo through the ages. "For a prophecy has been unveiled, a prophecy that heralds both hope and peril."
The members leaned in, their eyes fixed on the leader as he continued. "The wolf carries the prophecy child. We cannot allow that child to be brought into this world."


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