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Shadows of the pack novel Chapter 74

Ryder's claws dug into Lydia's back as he thrust into her. His head was thrown back, his teeth bared in a snarl of pleasure and pain. He felt the heat of her body against him, and his cock twitched and throbbed inside her.The walls of her pussy clenched around him, milking at his cock as she ground her hips back against him.
 He could feel the slickness of their combined juices on his thighs."Ohhhh... Ryder..." Lydia moaned, arching her back to press her breasts into his chest. Her nails raked down his back, leaving red lines in their wake.
"I love you so much." He growled in response, biting her neck. She whimpered and arched her back again, trying to get closer. Ryder bit down harder, causing her to cry out in pain. "I'm sorry," he whispered in her ear.
"It's just that I can't help myself." Lydia tried to pull away, but Ryder held her firmly against him. "You're mine," he growled. "Mine."
 He thrust harder, forcing himself deeper into her. "My mate."
He kissed her neck again, then bit down on her shoulder. "Oh god!" Lydia cried out. She felt his teeth sink into her skin, but it only made her hotter. Her entire body shuddered with pleasure.
"Yesss..." she purred. "That's it, Ryder. Make me yours." Ryder thrust hard into her, and Lydia wrapped her legs around him, pulling him close, "Oh yes. That's it."
Ryder groaned, "Your pussy feels so good."
He buried his face in her hair, holding her tightly against him. "Ohhhhhh" Lydia cried out, her whole body trembling. "Oh god! I'm gonna come."
Ryder grunted, feeling his own release building. "Yes, baby", he growled. "Cum for me."
 He slammed into her one last time, his cock exploding inside her. Lydia screamed, her orgasm crashing through her like waves upon the shore. Ryder held her tight, kissing her hair.
"Goddamn..." he muttered as he collapsed against her, breathing heavily. She nuzzled his chest, running her fingers through his short hair. She smiled up at him. "Are you okay?" he asked.
She nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine. "
Her fingers went down to the fading scare that ran across his face. His eyes flickered and Lydia gave him a sad smile, "It wasn't your fault."
He closed his eyes. The memory always played in his mind so vivid anytime he let himself think of it.
Ryder's vivid memory unfurled before his eyes like a haunting reel from the past. The moon hung low in the ink-black sky, casting an eerie glow upon the dense forest that surrounded him. His senses were attuned, every rustle of leaves, every distant sound magnified in his lupine form. He had been on patrol that fateful night, his instincts on high alert, as the newly appointment Beta, he was trying to prove jus worth to the pack.
The distant cries of panic reached his wolf's ears, and Ryder's heart raced as he followed the sound. Through the dense undergrowth, he glimpsed two figures darting among the trees, their fear palpable even from a distance. His pace quickened, and before he could fully process his own actions, he found himself bursting into a small clearing, his bones cracking before shifting into his human form..
He materialized, naked and panting, his chest heaving from the abrupt shift. The moonlight painted his skin with an otherworldly glow as he surveyed the scene before him. Two young humans, a boy and a girl, huddled against a large tree, terror etched across their faces. They couldn't have been older than their teenage years, their eyes wide and darting in every direction.
"Hey," Ryder's voice was calm, soothing, as he took a cautious step forward. "It's okay, I won't hurt you."
The girl's trembling voice shook as she stuttered, "W-who are you?"
"Just someone who wants to help," Ryder replied, his eyes never leaving them. He could practically smell their fear, the adrenaline that pulsed through their veins like a palpable energy.
But chaos erupted faster than he could react. As if triggered by some unseen threat, the boy lunged at Ryder with a makeshift weapon—a tree branch, gnarled and rough. Ryder's instincts kicked in, his wolf senses guiding his movements. He evaded the strike with fluid grace, but in his evasion, his arm swung out involuntarily with his claws extracted, a low growl rumbling from his chest.
The girl screamed, her terror intensifying as she witnessed the events unfolding. In that instant, Ryder's outstretched hand made contact with her, and her body went limp, crumpling to the forest floor. Horror washed over him like a tidal wave as he realized what had just transpired.
"No," he whispered, his voice raw with disbelief. He stumbled backward, his heart pounding in his chest. The boy, now wild-eyed and enraged, raised the tree branch once more, this time striking Ryder across the face. Pain radiated through his skull as the impact sent him sprawling to the ground.
Blood dripped from his temple, mingling with the dirt and leaves beneath him. The boy's voice was a cacophony of fear and fury as he shouted, "You killed her. You killed my sister."
Ryder's mind raced, his thoughts a whirlwind of confusion and guilt. He tried to speak, to explain, but the words caught in his throat. He could only watch, helpless and horrified, as the boy dragged his unconscious sister away from the clearing, disappearing into the shadows.
And then there was silence.
Ryder remained on the ground, his breath ragged, his heart heavy with the weight of his actions. The moon watched over him, a distant and indifferent witness to the tragedy that had unfolded. As the minutes turned into hours, Ryder eventually rose to his feet.
The scar on his face, a permanent reminder of that night, throbbed with a pain that ran deeper than flesh. It was a mark of his unwitting transgression, a constant companion that whispered of the innocent life that had been lost at his hands. Time had passed, but the guilt remained, a specter that haunted his every step.
Lydia's touch brought him back to the present, her fingers tracing the faded scar with a tenderness that pierced through his turmoil.
"It wasn't your fault, Ryder," Lydia's voice was soft but unwavering, her gaze locked onto his. "You didn't mean for any of this to happen."
Ryder's eyes, haunted by memories, met hers, "It wasn't your fault," she repeated, her voice a soothing refrain that echoed through the depths of his soul.
He bend his head placing his lips on hers. When he pulled away, he pulled her closer to him and whispered, "One day, I really hope I can believe that."
Nicholas's fingers traced the rim of the cold, untouched mug before him, lost in the sea of his thoughts. The soft murmur of conversations and the occasional clinking of glasses provided a distant backdrop, but his mind was anchored to a different world—a world of memories and pain that seemed to linger no matter how hard he tried to shake them off.
His sister's face, once so full of life and laughter, haunted him. The way her eyes had widened with fear, her voice reduced to a mere whimper as she took her final breath. Nicholas's fingers clenched involuntarily as he recalled the surge of rage that had coursed through his veins, the weapon in his hand becoming an extension of his fury. They had been on a run from creatures just like him.
And then the impact—the sickening thud as the weapon connected with the wolf's head, the yelp of pain that had pierced the air. He wanted to hear that sound of pain again as he takes Ryder's life.
Nicholas's gaze flickered downward, his fingers finally releasing their vice-like grip on the mug. He could almost see the scene playing out before him—the lifeless body of his sister on the ground, her eyes forever frozen in an expression of terror. The weight of guilt had settled over him like a heavy shroud, his heart aching with a pain that was both unbearable and unrelenting.
"Nicholas," Antonio's voice cut through his thoughts, and he looked up to find his friend standing beside him, concern etched into his features. In Antonio's outstretched hand, a weapon gleamed, its blade catching the light in the room.
For a moment, Nicholas met Antonio's gaze, the fire of determination flickering in his eyes. The memories still lingered, but there was something else there now—an unyielding resolve that had been steeled by years of anguish and longing.
Antonio's voice was soft but unwavering. "We've trained for this, Nicholas. Are you finally ready to seek the revenge you've been craving?"
Nicholas's breath caught in his throat as he nodded slowly, the weight of his decision settling over him like a mantle. "Yes, Antonio. It's time."
The air was thick with anticipation as Antonio's voice dropped to a chilling whisper, a promise that sent a shiver down Nicholas's spine. "Tonight, we kill the wolf that murdered your sister."


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