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Because You Are My Lady novel (Sharon and Stanley) novel Chapter 646

It was nearly half an hour since Ben had followed Howard, but they haven't even received a text message from Ben.

Of course Ariah was anxious.

Calmly, Jimmy drank his tea and said, "He'll definitely send us a text when it's time. There's no use being anxious. Come here."

As Jimmy patted the seat next to him, he looked up at Ariah.

Then, Ariah walked over and sat down beside Jimmy. Happily, Jimmy handed her a cup of water and said, "Have some warm water."

In fact, Ariah had been so busy with this matter over the past few days that she forgot to take care of her own health, and Jimmy noticed that there was an obvious blister at the corner of her mouth. However, the water was too hot that Ariah grimaced in pain due to the burn.

"Sigh, can't you be more careful?" Distressed, Jimmy frowned as he took the cup from her hand and cooled it down with his slightly cold fingers.

"It's fine..."

Aggrieved, Ariah pursed her lips.

Just as Jimmy was about to speak, the phone on the coffee table buzzed.

A text message came in.

Immediately Ariah sat up straight and said, "Take a look and see if it's from Ben."

As Jimmy picked it up and read, he found it was from Ben, so he answered, "Yes, it's him."

"What did he say?"

"He said..."

Repeatedly, Jimmy read the text message, and there was a strange look on his face.

"Why aren't you saying anything?" At that moment, Ariah was in a hurry to find out the answer, so she snatched the phone from Jimmy.

In the end, when she read the text, she was stunned.


Why would Howard go to such a place?

Then, Ariah looked at Jimmy and returned the phone to him as she asked suspiciously, "Could it have been that Ben had sent the wrong text message?"

When Jimmy heard that, he shook his head.

All this time, Ben had always been a careful person. How could he make such a small mistake

like that?

In the text, Ben only sent one sentence, "Captain, Mr. Perkins had come to the city's psychiatric hospital."

Silence reigned in the office, and Jimmy's brows were slightly furrowed.

Suddenly, the phone buzzed again. When Jimmy lowered his head to look, he saw Ben's text that said, "I will follow up first and see what's going on. I will inform you as soon as I have any updates."

Immediately, Jimmy replied, "Be careful."

Meanwhile, when Ben's phone buzzed, he looked down and saw Jimmy's reply. Then, Ben answered, "Yes, sir."

Then, he grabbed her phone and quietly followed Howard into the hospital.

If it weren't for Howard's low vigilance that led to the suspicion of Darren, Jimmy wouldn't have been so angry.

Therefore, Howard had no choice but to come to this place to look for someone.

Only this person could make Darren listen to him.

Which was why Howard had no choice but to look for this person.

Since Howard had been here once, so the nurse on duty knew him. When she saw him, she smiled and said, "Great to see you again, Mr. Perkins."

With dark eyes filled with laughter, Howard greeted, "Good afternoon, Miss Giovani. It's been a while since I last met you, and you seem to be even more beautiful now."

In fact, Howard was a good- looking man with sharp features. Furthermore, with his charming almond-shaped eyes and his smile, he could take every woman's breath away whenever they looked at him. Immediately, Miss Giovani's heart raced, and her face flushed, "Oh, Mr. Perkins. You're such good with words."

With a smile, Howard answered, "I'm just being honest."

Then, Miss Giovani touched her burning cheek and said, "Dr. Perkins, come with me. Mr. Bradbury was just telling me that he was bored this morning. Now that you're here to see him, he will definitely be happy."

When Howard heard that, his lips curved into a smile, but he didn't say anything.

As Miss Giovani opened the door of the ward, she said, "Dr. Perkins, please come in."

"Thank you."

After Howard expressed his gratitude, Miss Giovani turned around to leave.

In the silent corridor, there was a strange sound. There were occasionally two screams coming from the ward that were not far away. Except for that, there was no other sound.

After Howard took a deep breath, he walked in.


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