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Sir, Madam Dispeared Again After Divorce! novel Chapter 637

"I'm not taking off my coat. I think of a good way to keep you warm." Julien laughed.

Sydney asked, "What way?"

Julien lowered his head to continue unbuttoning the rest of the buttons without saying anything.

All the buttons of his coat were unbuttoned soon.

After that, he opened his coat and said, "Come in. I'll hold you."

Sydney instantly understood that the way was to wrap her in his coat.

In fact, this solution was the best of both worlds.

Sydney felt amused. She shook her head smilingly, took a breath, and hugged him without hesitation.

After all, she was cold now, so she thought there was no need to be shy.

Seeing her put her arms around his waist, Julien closed his coat.

His coat was large. Even though he wrapped Sydney in it, he could still button it up.

So Sydney's entire body was wrapped in the coat, including her head. She was so cold that her body shivered just now. However, feeling Julien's warm

temperature, she gradually calmed down.

Sensing her movement, Julien lowered his head and rubbed the top of her head with his chin, "Do you feel better?"

"Yes." Sydney muffled in his coat.

Julien breathed a sigh of relief, "That's good."

"Hasn't Zach come yet?" Sydney asked, pressing her forehead against his heart.

Julien looked away and frowned, "Not yet. When we came out of the cinema just now, he said he would come right away, but he hasn't arrived yet."

"I guess he has something to do. Let's wait." Sydney sighed.

Julien nodded and held her more tightly.

The two of them stood under the eaves at the entrance of the cinema. After a while, the familiar Maybach appeared.

Zach opened the car door and ran towards Julien with an umbrella in his hand.

Walking to Julien, he hurriedly bowed and said," Sorry, President Flint. I'm late."

"What's going on?" Julien looked at him and asked in a small voice.

Zach straightened his glasses, "I met a car accident on the way from the public parking lot, so I was stuck in traffic."

He didn't come late on purpose.

Hearing his words, Julien said, "Give me the umbrella."

Zach nodded and handed him the umbrella.

At this time, Zach suddenly thought of something and asked in surprise, "President Flint, why are you alone here? Where is Ms. Raines? Has she already left?"

Julien didn't answer him but reached out to take the umbrella.

At this moment, his coat was automatically opened, revealing Sydney.

Seeing this scene, Zach said in surprise, "Ms. Raines? You are here!"

He had thought she had left, leaving Julien alone here.

But he didn't expect her to be in Julien's coat.

Since Julien was too tall, and his coat was large, and it was a little dim here, Zach didn't notice that a person was hidden in his arms.

Seeing Julien gripping his coat tightly, Zach only felt confused, as it made Julien look not as cool as usual.

He had thought that it was because Julien was too cold.

However, he didn't expect this to be the truth.

Sure enough, the truth was often out of one's expectation.


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