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Substitute Her to Love You novel Chapter 127

At that time, I was a little unhappy.

I turned to many lawyers. And every one of them believed what I had said, saying that they could defend me from the point of view that I was innocent.

However, Sharon actually felt that I was guilty, thinking about how to cover the crime up for me.

It made me feel that he was unreliable instead.

I got up and said, "I think there's something wrong with my communication with you. I'll find someone else to deal with this case."

After that, I got up and intended to leave.

"Oh, don't!" Hearing this, Sharon immediately stopped me and said with a smile, "In fact, besides the compensation, if you are willing to give me more money, I'm willing to put up with the trouble for you."

Seeing the way how Sharon smiled, I suddenly felt more and more strongly that he was unreliable.

I responded honestly, "Lawyer Sharon, to be honest, based on my economic situation, I

am not rich. I indeed don't have much money for you except for the compensation."

"Don't you have any money?" Hearing my words, Sharon said to me with a well-informed expression, "You don't have to hide it from me. I know everything going on in the upper class in City Y. As for your relationship with your brother- in- law, the way I see it, I don't need to elaborate on it. You know it well in your heart."

"My brother-in-law?"

"Yes, the boss of Towering High Group, Patrick Cowell." Sharon leaned his head over and whispered, "So, although this case is somewhat tricky, you surely can make me deal with this case by asking him for some money!"

To my surprise, Sharon actually knew about this matter.

It was a pity that he indeed had made a mistake.

I looked at Sharon who seemed to think that he had got a rich client, sneering, "Lawyer Sharon, if I do have that kind of relationship with him, I can go directly to his lawyer group. Do I need to trouble Lisa and then turn to you?"


Seeing that Sharon was stunned, I sneered and said, "Lawyer Sharon, based on your IQ, I'd better find someone else."

After that, I left directly.

Then I heard Sharon's angry voice behind me, "You are just a mistress. Don't pretend that you have a high IQ!"

I didn't bother to argue with him.

However, as soon as I went to the hall of the law firm, intending to go out, I saw the receptionist entertaining someone.

The man saw me and shouted, "Charlotte Archer."

"Brother Shelton, why are you here?"

It was Shelton Cowell.

Shelton walked over to me with a friendly smile on his face, "Recently, we have encountered some medical disputes. The legal consultant of our hospital is here."

"Are you here to see a legal consultant?"

I was a little surprised.

Shouldn't it be the legal consultants looking for their employers? How come it was the employer who took the initiative to turn to the legal consultant?

Shelton nodded, "Yes, he is busy. So I have to come here in person."

I suddenly wondered whether Shelton's legal consultant was Sharon.

Shelton, who had a good temper, was easygoing and approachable. In that case, Shelton surely would bully him.

Or all the lawyers of K3 Law Firm should be unreliable people.

When I was thinking about it randomly, someone behind me teased, "Shelton, don't make fun of me."

Shelton looked behind me and smiled, "I am telling the truth."

I looked back and saw a person standing at the door of the office in the middle behind me.

The man's hair was a little thin. And he, who was in his forties, probably was somewhat older than Shelton. Even so, he looked good and energetic, unlike Sharon who was full-bellied.


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