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Substitute Her to Love You novel Chapter 129

"He is my boyfriend."

I smiled faintly to cover up the guilt in my heart.


Seth looked at me. And the look in his eyes indicated clearly that he wasn't convinced.

I hesitated for a moment and stared at him firmly, "Yeah. Why did I lie to you? He is very good to me. And I am living a good life now."

Seth frowned deeply and looked at me with a pair of clear eyes.

Although he didn't say anything, I was already a little guilty. Even so, I added, "It's true. I am living a good life now, a very good life."

After that, I pulled back my hand and entered the subway station.

I knew that this lie of mine was like a piece of paper, which would be exposed at any time.

But I didn't have any other choice.

Because I wasn't worthy of Seth's kindness to me.

My life continued. After that day, Seth seemed to have gone back to his hometown.

And I had never seen him.

Ten days later, the first trial of my case began.

Jeremy was sitting in the plaintiff's seat. And I was sitting in the dock.

And the trial began.

I saw Roger, who was caught by the police after an accident happened in Rosy's operation.

He insisted in court that I was the one who had paid him and asked him to create an accident on purpose.

Fortunately, Michael presented the bad deeds Roger had done in the medicinal field in the past, invalidating his testimony. After that, taking advantage of the kinship, he helped me easily settle the first trial.

As soon as Michael and I walked out of the referee's hall, we met Caroline, who had been sitting in the audience's seat.

She stood in front of me, looked Michael up and down, and sneered, "Charlotte Archer, you are indeed willing to sleep with anyone to win the lawsuit."

"What's wrong with you? Why didn't you reflect on yourself after you lost the lawsuit? Why are you guessing randomly about me?"

I rolled my eyes at Caroline.

To be honest, I used to think that it was quite a blessing when there was a person who looked like me in the world.

But now when I saw her, I only felt disgusted.

As soon as Caroline saw Michael, she immediately looked innocent as she said, "Lawyer Michael, be careful of the one beside you. She is very scheming."

Just as I was about to explain to Michael, Michael spoke first, "Really?"

He looked at Caroline indifferently and took out a black pen from his pocket, "I have recorded what you said just now. And if necessary, I will directly sue you for slandering and ruining Charlotte's personal reputation."


Caroline didn't expect that Michael would say so.

His face was pale!

She dared not to say one more word and left directly.

"Thank you." I looked at Michael gratefully.

He waved the pen in his hand and smiled, "I lied to her. It's just an ordinary pen."

We got out of the court. As I watched Caroline get in the car and leave, suddenly, I remembered that during the period when Rosy was hospitalized, there was a time when my bag wasn't by my side.

That was during the time when Caroline intended to jump off the building.

I told Michael about this. He asked me about the specific time, recorded it, and left first.

I went back to the company to continue my work. After work, I went home to change my clothes and take a shower. Then I went to the hospital to see Rosy and stayed there to work on the design at night.

It wasn't until an hour before the deadline for the submission of the works in preliminary match met that I submitted my final draft.

A week later, the result came out.

There was a special site for the design competition. When I logged on to the site to check on the result, I found that I was ranked at 52. However, only the top 50 can pass the preliminary contest.

I, who wasn't very satisfied with my own work, knew that I probably couldn't pass the preliminary contest.

Even so, when I saw that I could have passed the preliminary contest if I had beaten the other two contestants, I was still a little disappointed.


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