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Substitute Her to Love You novel Chapter 132

I called subconsciously, "Patrick Cowell?"

After I finished my words, I regretted it.

But he heard me. And he looked up and saw me. It was dark. Although I couldn't see his eyes clearly, I heard that he laughed bitterly. Then he said, "I didn't like you calling me by my name in the past, hoping that you could call me Patrick. Now, even though you call me, I am happy."

"Mr. Cowell, why are you still here?"

For no reason, his words made my heart tighten. And there was a kind of faint bitterness lingering in my heart.

"I, I don't know either." Patrick's voice sounded a little disconsolate. Then he stood up and asked me, "Where are you going? Do you need me to send you off?"

"No need."

I didn't want to tell him that I was going to the hospital.

"I'll send you off. After all, we have met each other," Patrick said as he walked up to me.

I saw his face clearly. Although it had been only a little while since I had seen him just

now, I felt he was a little haggard.

I thought that it probably was an illusion.

I wanted to leave on my own. But Patrick wouldn't let me go.

Helplessly, I could only tell him that I was going to Holy Spirit Hospital.

In fact, in my heart, I was in a conflict.

Based on my reasoning, I knew that I should be wary of Patrick who was on Caroline's side.

But what I had done, what I was thinking in my heart, and what I was thinking subconsciously, all indicated that I trusted him.

I looked down on myself when I was like this.

After we arrived at Holy Spirit Hospital, I went up to see Rosy. And Patrick followed me.

I stood outside Rosy's ICU ward and watched her quietly lying there with her eyes closed. She, who was still the same as what I had seen every day, didn't have any change at all.

The numbers on the surrounding instruments seemed to have not changed much either.

But it seemed that the numbers looked a little different.

I, who didn't have any knowledge about medicine, didn't know what the difference of the numbers meant.

Patrick stood behind me and said, "My grandfather also came to see her before."

"Grandpa Cowell?" I turned to look at Patrick in surprise.

"Yes." Patrick nodded, "After Caroline intended to jump off the building, Grandma Rosy specifically called my grandfather and told him about this marriage. But my grandfather immediately refused."

"It is understandable."

Caroline tried to hurt me back then. And I exposed her plagiarism.

As a result, Ned instantly thought ill of both of us. The way I see it, he surely wouldn't agree to choose either of us to be his daughter-in-law.

"However, after Grandpa came to see Grandma Rosy here, he changed his mind. And he personally summoned Caroline and me to his home, saying that he agreed to let us get married."

After Patrick finished his words, my heart tightened.

"Did Ned agree?"

"In that case, aren't Patrick and Caroline going to get married?"

"That's fine."

"That's fine."

"Well, congratulations..." Before I could finish my words, Patrick hugged me from behind.

I heard him say, "Charlotte Archer, I can marry her. But I haven't touched her. And I won't touch her for the rest of my life. You are the only woman with whom I am willing to spend my whole life."

"Mr. Cowell..."

"Don't call me like that." Patrick hugged me from behind and asked me, "Where do you live?"

His voice was a little hoarse.

And it sounded somewhat ambiguous.

I was very clear that what would happen then once I gave him an answer.

But I was just a fool. And I, who had always been confused by him, told him that where I stayed.

We entered the escortroom. Patrick held me in his arms and placed me gently on the bed. After that, he was all on me as he said, "Charlotte Archer, I want you..."


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