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Substitute Her to Love You novel Chapter 137

"It's impossible!" Caroline cried even harder, "Even if I lost my memory of the past three years, my memory before that is intact. I didn't forget anything. And I didn't remember it wrong!"

Speaking of this, she was almost choked with sobs!

As she cried, she covered the gauze on her head with her hands, "Woo, my head hurts so much. I surely won't remember anything wrong. You surely have said so..."

Caroline was crying so hard that the whole corridor was filled with the sound of her crying.

Finally, a nurse came.

As soon as she saw the situation, she was immediately unhappy, "The patient has just woken up. And her situation is unstable. Don't irritate her!"


There was regret all over Gina's face.

The nurse went in and checked Caroline's situation. Then she said discontentedly, "You can go now. Don't stay here."

All three of us were driven out.

After coming out, Gina kept cursing me, "Charlotte Archer, you made my Caroline so miserable! Now she finally lost her memory. Why did you collude with Mr. Cowell to say so to her?"

"What else can I say?" I looked at Gina in confusion, "Should I say that to kick me out of the Archer Family as well as snatch the shares in my hands away, you worked together to ask me to marry Patrick on behalf of Caroline? But Patrick didn't fall for my trap. Instead, he fell in love with me."


"Won't it make the situation worse?"

I sneered.

"If she really loses her memory, tell her the truth as I said just now, I hope she can get rid of the hazy past as soon as possible and start a new life." Patrick paused as he said so, "If you need money, I can give you some."

"We don't need any money! We just want Caroline to be happy!" Gina said firmly, "Mr. Cowell, why don't you give Charlotte money and stay to accompany Caroline?"

"As for this matter, it can't be coerced," Patrick said.

"But they both look the same. Isn't it the same for you to be with either one of them?"

Gina didn't want to give up.

It seemed that she had started to speak without any deliberation.

Her words indeed amazed me.

Before I could refute, I heard Patrick say, "No, I don't think they are the same."

Patrick probably said so to annoy Gina.

But I was so happy.

Patrick took me in his arms and left.

By the time we arrived downstairs, a car had been parked downstairs.

At first, I thought that Wilson would drive. But when I came to the front of the car, I found a middle-aged driver in his forties sitting inside, who looked very mature and steady.

I asked casually, "How come it isn't Assistant Wilson?"

Patrick glanced at me and smiled faintly, "The things under his charge in the future have changed."

I didn't understand his words. But I didn't care.

The driver sent me to the company. I got off the car and sat in the office. Suddenly, I felt that my mood seemed to be different.

It probably had something to do with Patrick.

After all, if Caroline really lost her memory, then the relationship between the three of us would be renewed. Then Patrick and I probably could really...

"Charlotte Archer, what are you going to design for the intermediary match?"

When I was lost in my thoughts, Paulina's voice interrupted me.

"Ah?" I looked at her with a confused look.

She told me that the topic for the intermediary match had been sent out for several days, which was in the work mailbox now.

Only then did I click open my email.

Then I saw an email from the head office inside, whose title was the topic for the intermediary match.

I clicked the email open.

There was only one word behind the title inside, which read, "Hospital."

I couldn't help but smile.

I thought to myself, "What a coincidence. I've been in the hospital every day recently. I am indeed connected to the hospital closely."

"What are you laughing at? Isn't it a very simple topic for you?" Paulina said quietly, "Let me tell you. Don't take it lightly. It's difficult to deal with such a simple topic!"


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