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Summon of The Sword novel Chapter 1612

However, now that Sean had spoken, she dared not reveal his identity.

Sean was the supreme leader of Dorodo's city defense army. It could cause a stir if they revealed his identity here. Lillian was not stupid. There was no way she would cause Sean trouble just to impress Lorenzo.

If she did reveal Sean's identity, it would scare Lorenzo from pestering her. However, she might also disappoint Sean by doing that.

Therefore, Lillian kept her mouth shut and said nothing.

Lorenzo's expression grew smug at the sight of Lillian's silence.

'There's no way this man is a big shot. Why else would Lillian not reveal his identity and where he came from?

'It has to be it. That must be it!'

Lorenzo laughed shamelessly before staring at Sean and saying, "You. I'm talking to you. I don't know who you are, but I think you should have heard about me, Lorenzo Wagner! I advise you to f*ck off at once. Otherwise, I'll make sure you leave here lying down today!"

Lorenzo's words made both Lillian's and Mila's expressions change dramatically.

The two women had no idea Lorenzo was so bold as to speak to Sean like that!

After all, even the mayor of Dorodo, Quentin, would not talk to Sean like that!

"Don't go too far! Lorenzo Wagner!"

Lillian chided quickly.

However, Lorenzo was prouder and more aggressive.

"Lillian, stop defending this guy. What good is a man who relies on a woman? How is he better than me? How is he stronger than me?"


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