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The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart novel Chapter 704

Isaac drained the glass of water, easing the throbbing pain before he croaked, "How long have I been out?"

"Three days."

Setting down the glass, Isaac massaged his temples, "Does Granny know about this?"

"Yes, she came to see you," Nathan replied in a solemn tone. "Her health isn't the best, so I took her home."

Isaac vaguely remembered Brittany, and scanned the room in search of her, feeling a tinge of disappointment when he didn't see her.

"Ms. Dustin was here at the hospital taking care of you the past couple of days. She's exhausted, so she went home to rest," Nathan explained, noticing Isaac's look of disappointment.

Isaac knew Nathan was trying to comfort him. Brittany despised him now, so, how could she have possibly been caring for him at the hospital? It was a miracle she wasn't kicking him while he was down.

The news of Isaac's awakening spread, and Carla was the first to rush over. "Bro, you're finally awake. Do you know how heartless Brittany has been? You were on the brink of death and she refused to care for you!"

Brittany didn't deserve Isaac! If it wasn't for her scheming, Isaac wouldn't have been ousted from Grandeur Capital!

Listening to Carla accusing Brittany, Isaac frowned, "Carla, watch your words."

Carla's accusations were cut short. The words got stuck in her throat. After a moment, she blurted out with a pale face, "Bro, you're still defending Brittany?"

She thought, “What is so special about Brittany that he is constantly thinking about her?”

Isaac had just woken up and was drenched in sweat. "Nathan, help me to the bathroom."

He was still weak from the fever, and Nathan tried to dissuade him, "Mr. Salter, you've just recovered from the fever. I'd advise against taking a shower just yet."

What if it worsened his condition?

Isaac lifted his gaze, staring at Nathan intently, "Are my words not to be taken seriously?"

Nathan immediately assisted him out of bed, "Of course not, sir."

After a quick shower, Isaac returned to find that Carla had just hung up a call. Her face was filled with annoyance.


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