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The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart novel Chapter 710

She heard that Leda's son was still single.

He was just a cripple. Couldn't even stand on his own.

Leda was surprised when Joie took the initiative to reach out. She raised an eyebrow and asked, "Meeting? Didn't you refuse to have anything to do with me before? Aren't you afraid the Salters will give you trouble?"

Joie bit her lip as if she had been slapped. Leda on the other end of the line had already hung up.


After consecutive setbacks, Joie could no longer suppress her emotions. She swung her hand violently.

Bottles and jars on the coffee table were scattered all over the floor.


The Salter Mansion.

A bright red sports car pulled up, and Zella got out, carrying her daughter.

The servant nodded indifferently, "Ms. Zella."

Zella's daughter was remarkably beautiful, but she had always been frail. Her pale face was hidden in Zella's arms, her tiny, careful eyes peering out, like a timid fawn.

The servant didn't think much of Zella and her daughter. They had been engaged for so many years, and even had a child, but still hadn't married. It was clear that Marcel didn't love Zella.

Zella was used to the servant's attitude and went upstairs with her daughter.

The little girl lay on the bed, took her medicine, and fell into a deep sleep.

Emerging from the bedroom, Zella saw Leda ascending the stairs.


Leda looked arrogant and glanced at Zella as she asked, "How are things?"

"Nova's health has improved a lot. The doctor said she could have surgery when she turns seven, and she'll be just like any other child after that."

Her daughter had been diagnosed with congenital deficiency at birth and later found to have heart problems. Over the years, she was practically a regular at the hospital.

Leda gestured with her chin. "You've been engaged to Marcel for so long, and since she's about to be well, it's about time you considered having a second child."

A second child?


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