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The Billionaire Who Stole My Heart novel Chapter 712

But that doesn't give anyone the right to shamelessly insult Isaac in front of her!

"All right then." Wesley hung up the phone.

Brittany stopped concerning herself with the matters of the Salter family, and fully immersed herself in her work.

The Dustin Group was then back on track, and Joseph came knocking.

The tension that had initially been present was soon gone. Joseph brought a document with him and said, “The shares I promised you.”

Joseph hadn’t expected that Brittany would be so ruthless, using herself as bait to trap her enemy.

Upon his arrival in Imperial City, he had quickly come to an agreement with Brittany. He wanted that piece of land, and Brittany needed an opportunity to get close to Isaac and gather enough evidence to take him down.

Brittany flipped open the document. It was a 10% stake in Grandeur Capital.

"Let's keep these shares under wraps for now." Brittany signed the share agreement.

Joseph rubbed his temples and said, "I understand. As far as the public is concerned, these shares are mine."

Brittany cast an extra glance at Joseph, "I met the Martinez family on a business trip recently. Isn't Stella's bodyguard also from the Martinez family?"

"Enough. The guy ran off." Joseph was the type of person who enjoyed a good show, “Stella was furious.”

Thomas Martinez had run off, and despite Stella spending a good amount of money, she couldn’t track him down. It seemed he was determined to escape!

Brittany knew that in the world of the rich and powerful, marriage was often a matter of political arrangement.

Moreover, the Thorne family had plenty of sons and daughters. If Stella Thorne was disobedient, she could have easily been cast aside by her family, rendering all her years of effort wasted.

Stella wasn't the type to give up everything for love, and neither was Joseph.

"Your engagement party is coming up. You should get back."

In front of others, it was better for them to keep their distance.


Because of a few words from Brittany, the news about Mr. Adams spread like wildfire. The dining table was significantly quieter, as no one wanted to offend Brittany over idle gossip.


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