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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 777

Chapter 777 

Logan’s expression changed as he listened to Zoe’s words, glancing at Bethany with disdain. 

It was fortunate that his grandson had taste in women and did not fancy this impudent and indecent woman in front of him. Otherwise, it would have been an unlucky incident for their family. 


Bethany’s eyes widened in anger. Zoe sneered, “Even if you’re unwilling, there’s nothing you can do. My brother just doesn’t like you.” 

“Pfft… Hahaha!” Bethany patted her chest and smiled in anger. instead. “We’re the same. My brother doesn’t like you either, right?” 

“You!” This time, it was Bethany’s turn to be mad. 

“When I came home, I saw Bella’s limited edition Bugatti Veyron 

parked at the entrance. It seems she has arrived.” 

Bethany crossed her arms and yawned. “I didn’t see my brother here. 

Did he go away with Bella and leave you behind?” 

“Bethany!” Zoe’s eyes were bloodshot, and she wanted to pounce on 

Bethany and tear her mouth apart. 

“Oh, Zoe. That’s just how my brother is. You’ll get used to it after you 

marry him.” 

Bethany got more excited as she spoke. “When he was married to Bella, he kept thinking about Rosalind. That means after you marry 

into our family, he won’t let go of Bella. Men are all like that. They 

have a good wife at home, but their hearts still long for another woman. Bella spent three years adapting little by little. Since you like my brother so much, perhaps you’ll get used to it faster than Bella.” 

The crowd was stunned, and their mouths hung open. 

The two ladies were quarreling for real. 

If not for the elders present, Zoe would have attacked Bethany. 

“Bethany! Are you so drunk? What nonsense are you spouting?” 

Shannon’s blood pressure rose as she yelled with embarrassment,” Bring Ms. Bethany away now!” 

“Justin! Let go! Let go of me!” 

Justin walked ahead of her while Bella struggled to follow. Her wrists were held painfully tight. 

He seemed furious, or rather, he had been suppressing his anger for a long time. Now, he finally found a chance to vent at her! 

“Where are you bringing me?” Bella asked angrily. 

“You were my wife, and you lived here for three years. You are more familiar with every room in this house than I am. Where do you think I’m bringing you?” Justin did not look back as he forced each word out. 

“Justin, you think too highly of yourself. Do you think you know me well?” 


Bella suddenly raised her wrist and bit hard at Justin’s wrist that was 

holding her. 


Justin felt a sting and subconsciously released her hand. 

Bella quickly retreated a few steps and rubbed her reddened wrists. She glared at him with hatred. “I’ve never treated this place as my home. There was not a day that I felt a sense of belonging here. It 


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