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The Divorced Heiress’s Revenge (Anna and Justin) novel Chapter 787

Chapter 787 

Justin only used a fraction of his strength with that slap. 

in was fu 

As a trained soldier, aware of the damage his he 

could inflict. If he had unleashed his full strength, Shannon wouldn’t 

have ended up with a swollen cheek. Instead, she might have been knocked out cold right then and there. 

Yet he refrained, not wanting to give her a chance to leave, as there was still an issue between Bella and Shannon that needed to be 


Everyone in the house was in a state of panic. They just witnessed Justin slapping Shannon, yet no one dared to intervene. 

If even Gregory couldn’t control Justin, who else could control him in 

this household? 

“Ahh!” Bethany gasped. Her hand immediately covered her mouth in fear. Tremors coursed through her body uncontrollably. Seeing her mother being slapped, she didn’t even dare to step forward and stop 


Even the people from the Hoffman family were dumbfounded. 

Although Shannon’s words were out of line, it was unthinkable that Justin would dare to slap her in front of so many people. After all, Shannon was still Gregory’s wife and his stepmother. 

It was utterly audacious! This slap not only struck Shannon’s face but 

insulted his father’s dignity. 

Only Ryan looked at Justin with fervent eyes. He took a deep breath and smiled, feeling a rush of indescribable emotion flood his heart. He knew that Justin had been suppressing his emotions for too long. As his only best friend, no one understood better tha struggles Justin had endured within this family over the years. 

“Greg, Greg… I can’t hear… My ears… I can’t hear anything!” Shannon’s cry was frantic as she covered her eyes. 

She rushed over to Gregory’s side and clung to him tightly. Her lips were bleeding, her meticulously styled hair was now in disarray, and her eye makeup was smudged from tears. 

Her carefully crafted image over the years was completely shattered. I’m deaf… Your son made me deaf! Aren’t you going to do something about him?! How dare he hit me?!” 

Bella thought, ‘Damn, that must have felt so satisfying!” 

Bella could clearly see blood seeping from between Shannon’s fingers. Her beautiful eyes widened as she looked at Justin’s cold expression. She could tell that Shannon’s eardrum must have ruptured. 

Gregory looked at Shannon with mixed emotions. He still felt a lingering, dull ache in his heart, but he knew clearly that it wasn’t for her. But rather, it belonged to the woman he had long buried within the deepest depths of his heart. 

“Justin, are you out of your mind? How could you lay hands on an elder?” Gregory felt compelled to intervene. 

Justin’s smirk was cold, his lips forming a chilling smile. “Elder? What 

kind of elder is she? Looking at the whole Salvador family, I only 

consider Grandpa, you, and Wilma as my elders. She has no place among the people I respect.” 

“Young Master Justin…” Wilma smiled, feeling grateful and 

that she was mentioned. 


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