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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 100

Jean was furious. He thought Frederic had given up, but he hadn't expected him to send her to his house after canceling the wedding! His rage increased when he realized the woman was still in his room.

He yelled at the bodyguard, "Take her away now!"

None of them dared to offend Frederic and Jean. The bodyguard said, "Mr. Frederic has given an order to us; regardless of what Mr. Jean says, we are not allowed to send her away. Mr. Jean, please cooperate."

Jean cast an icy gaze at them. He said to Ian "Find someone to throw that woman out!"

Ian didn't dare defy his command, and he nodded.

Richard stepped forward quickly to dissuade him. "Mr. Jean, calm down! She was sent by Mr. Frederick, after all. It might be best to wait until tomorrow to send her back."

Richard has known Jean since he was a child, and Jean has always respected him. But it was intolerable this time. He wouldn't let strangers stay in his room. "She must leave today! I can't wait until tomorrow!" He replied icily and headed upstairs.

Neera heard the sound of the door opening, and she tensed up. She heard rapid footsteps approaching and saw a pair of leather shoes.

Jean was furious as he stared at the redesigned room. The woman in front of him was dressed in a gorgeous bridal gown. He couldn’t care less, all he wanted was to get this matter resolved as soon as possible! He didn't bother to greet her before removing the veil. In the next split second, his frigid gaze was drawn to Neera's ugly visage! Even though she looked terrible, Jean quickly recognized her. He was stunned and speechless.

Neera also looked up at him, hoping to disgust him, but was startled by what she saw.

The room appeared to be frozen. After a brief pause, Neera asked, "Why are you here?"

Jean was shocked as well. Isn't it Roxanne who should be here? Why did Neera appear in his room? He looked at her, stunned, and grimaced. "What's wrong with you? What brought you here? Your face..." It was too ugly to stand! The final phrase was left unsaid.

Based on his facial expression, Neera could guess what he was thinking. She didn't respond since she was full of doubts, "It doesn't matter! The main question is, Why are you here? Isn't this the Beauvort family's house? Do you know Mr. Beauvort?"


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