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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 114

Jean raised his brows, “Wait, that’s not it. That tarot reading belonged to Neera. It’s that same girl who was married to me.”

Upon hearing that, Frederic’s expression slightly relaxed.

He was glad that his son had married the girl with a compatible tarot reading. Otherwise, that warding-off marriage would not work.

Despite that, the Garcias still ended up cheating them.

Naturally, Frederic would not allow this to slide.

His eyes narrowed at Jean, “What were you thinking? Did you really give them fifty million dollars?”

A cold smile sprung to Jean’s lips. His eyes were devoid of any warmth, “I was already very generous by giving them that amount. Or else, do you think they would respect us? Do they think they can just deceive us as they please? If word gets out, we would turn into a laughing stock!”

Frederick sank into silence upon hearing that. He felt that his son had a point.

“You have a point, but fifty million dollars is too far off from the amount we initially promised them. Since they’ve given us the correct tarot reading and the girl is the right person as well, things actually turn out pretty fine albeit their deception. In my opinion, those fifty million dollars is not an appropriate amount at all.”

After a brief silence, he finally made up his mind, “What about this? We will introduce them to some of our connections, but only those that we don’t have frequent conversations with. That way, we would have done the best that we could and we would not be mistreating them in return. If they somehow want to bring this matter up again in the future, we have the upper hand here.”

Jean’s brows shot up. Obviously, he did not think that this was such a good idea.

In the end, he caved in.

Jean held the final decision on which connection he would introduce to the Garcia family. He would not make life easy for them!

In the afternoon, Alfonso, who had been waiting around while panicking, finally received a contract.

However, it was not one that could make him billions of dollars. It was not even the Beauvort family personally coming to him. It was practically a lowball.

Alfonso’s expression turned hideous. He called Winova again.

“Winova, I did receive a contract, but… It’s not the one that Mr. Frederic has promised me, is it? Did you make a mistake?”

Winova replied quickly, “I did not make a mistake, Mr. Alfonso. You should know yourself as to why you received that contract instead. Mr. Frederic is still bristling with rage at this moment because of your purposeful deception, and this is the only remaining kindness that he can show you. I hope that you will learn to be grateful and not further exacerbate the situation. Or else, who knows what Mr. Frederic would do to your family, given his reputation.”

After that formal reply, Winova hung up.

Alfonso’s hand, which was clutching his phone, was shivering hard. His expression was as ugly as it could get.

He had been working hard for so long, and just as he was about to reach his goal, everything came down like a house of cards.

He was supposed to be richer by 1.3 billion dollars, yet all he received was a measly fifty million dollars. And a contract that was practically worthless!

The profit that he would make from this poor contract was so tiny that he could not believe it.

When Susan and Roxanne learned the truth, their faces were ashy pale as if they were already dead…

At the same time, Neera was richer by 1.3 billion dollars.

She carefully checked the number of zeroes on his bank account and after confirming that her eyes were not playing tricks on her, strangely enough, no sense of ecstasy came. She simply cocked her brows.

“It seems that Jean is really an efficient man!”

After some murmuring on her part, she kept her phone and continued with her work. Her mood had not drastically changed at all, as one would expect.

During break time, the triplets were loitering in the classroom. They were huddled up as if they were discussing some private matters.

“What should we do? Although Daddy and Mummy are married now, things are still the same…”

“That’s right. Look at Mummy, she doesn’t seem to be interested in the wedding at all. Today is the first day of their newly-wed life, yet they don’t seem to want to celebrate it at all. Shall we give them some help on that?”


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