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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 116

Jean was surprised.

He initially thought that Neera would never disclose anything between adults to the children.

Penny’s eyes turned into crescent moons as she explained, “This is how it goes in our family. We would never hide anything from each other! Uncle Jean, we welcome you to be a part of us!”

Neera who was drinking some water suddenly began choking on the water.

She quickly pulled Penny’s arm and said, “Don’t run your mouth. He is not part of us yet…”

Harvey and Sammy exchanged a glance and began to make a counter-argument, “Hey, we shouldn’t be so uptight with the rules. We will see Uncle Jean many more times in the future. He would be like family anyway!”

“Anyway, whether you are actually in a sham marriage or not, this is still your first marriage. We ought to have this dinner date, no? We simply think that we need to have a sense of ritual. That’s why we are here, to give you an unforgettable memory!”

When Neera heard what they thought about the situation, she found herself speechless. At the same time, their words tugged at her heart string.

She did not expect the triplets to think like that.

It seemed that they took this marriage quite seriously despite it being a sham marriage.

Furthermore, they were all fond of Jean. It was only natural for them to invite him for dinner…

The triplets finally stopped talking. They shoved the menu to Jean and said, “That’s why we want to celebrate this tonight! Take a look at the menu. Mummy is going to treat us! Mummy told us that she has earned some big bucks lately, so you can order whatever you want!”

Earned some big bucks? Jean’s eyebrows curved up as he glanced at Neera. There was a subtle playful look in his eyes.

Neera looked away and she could not help but feel funny about this. Indeed, she earned a lot of money, thanks to this gentleman in front of her…

However, Jean did not pursue this topic. He looked away quickly.

He felt that this was a strange occasion.

However, the triplets had a point. This was their first marriage, so no matter if it was a sham or not, they should have a get-together like this. It would not hurt.

At that point, he offered, “I will treat you guys tonight. After all, I am the bridegroom. How can I let a woman pay for the meal? You guys can order what you want to eat. Don’t be shy.”

The triplets immediately clapped their hands, “Thank you, Uncle Jean! You are really gentlemanly and kind. We all love you!”

After making their orders, the table was shrouded in a bout of awkward silence.

Neera looked quite uneasy throughout the wait as they waited for the food to be served. She could not come to terms with the fact that they were here as newlyweds.

She did not start a conversation at all and neither did Jean.

The triplets filled the void with their chatter, which improved the atmosphere a lot.

After an excruciating wait, food was finally served.

The triplets were starving. They immediately dug into their respective meals without saying another word.

Neera could not help but feel that they were so adorable.

A violinist came over and played them a graceful and melodic tune. The atmosphere felt a little more lively and there was an unspoken emotion lingering in the air.

Neera gazed at the violinist and she could not help but mutter, “This restaurant really comes with everything.”

Sammy heard her mutter and swallowed his food quickly. He then explained, “When I booked this restaurant, I told them that it was for a newlywed couple. I think they prepared the music for you and Daddy…”

He quickly realized his wrong choice of words as he corrected himself, “I mean, it’s for you and Uncle Jean.”

Neera started to doubt the triplets’ intention now after hearing that. Did these brats plan this deliberately?

However, she could not see through them at all. Their faces were always so innocent. Thinking that she must be overthinking this, she quickly returned her attention to her food.

At that moment, a waiter came over with a bottle of wine. He congratulated Jean and Neera, “Congratulations on your marriage. This wine is specially prepared for you. Please enjoy the wine and enjoy the night.”

Then, he was about to pour them two glasses when Neera hastily stopped him, “Thank you for your service, but we will be fine without the wine. We both need to drive, so we can’t enjoy that.”

The waiter was able to go with the flow and changed his strategy on the spot, “If that’s the case, we have a special gift for you two. It’s a pair of crystal figurines that signify the two of you. Congratulations once again on your marriage and I wish you all the happiness in the world!”


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