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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 119

In fact, Neera shared the same sentiment as him.

However, when she remembered that they were just putting on an act, such feelings were gone in her heart.

They were never really married and they were never a family in the first place.

They were from different worlds.

If it were not for this ridiculous sham marriage, their fates would not intertwin like this.

Seeing that this sham would end one day, she did not have to overthink this situation!

The show finally ended. The triplets were happy enough to go back home.

When Jean reached home, he went to the study room to continue working.

In order to keep the triplets happy, he had used up too much time. There was not much time left. He had to finish his work soon.

He placed the crystal figurine on his desk casually after walking into his study room.

Ian came over with some documents in his hands. He stopped when he saw that figurine, which was out of place.

Ian would never expect Mr. Beauvort to bring back something like that. It ended up becoming a decoration now.

The red oak table only had what one would typically see in an office: documents, a laptop, and some expensive ornaments.

A crystal figurine that was placed among those things disrupted the balance of the desk.

He hesitated a little before asking, “Mr. Beauvort, shall I place this figurine somewhere else?”

Jean did not agree to that, “It’s fine. Just leave it here.”

Of course, he knew that this figure was out of place.

Despite that, he did not want to discard it in any way.

After taking the documents from Ian, Jean instructed him to leave.

Before he started work, his gaze fell on the figurine and he was transported back to a few hours ago. For some reason, he could not fathom this feeling that was circulating in him when he thought about what had happened.

Neera’s side profile when she was gazing at the fireworks seemed to have imprinted deeply in his mind. He somehow could not wipe away that image.

No matter how beautiful the fireworks were, they could never compete with her delicate features. The fireworks could never compete with her smile…

After getting home, Neera quickly bathed the three of them.

Before she went upstairs, she trimmed the flowers and put them into a vase.

She could not explain this weird sensation in her heart when she recalled what had happened just now as she was staring at the red flowers.

Somehow, everything felt amusing. She placed the bride figurine beside the vase before heading upstairs to wash herself.

At ten, Isabella sent her a message, “Neera, are you asleep yet?”

Neera had just dried her hair when she saw that. She replied, “No. Did you get off work?”

After a few seconds, Isabella called her.

Neera answered it with a smile.

Isabella’s snappy voice came, “I am still at work. I am doing the night shift tonight.”

Then, her tone turned mysterious, “Take a guess. I saw someone just now. Do you want to guess who it was?”

Neera did not need to rack her brain to come up with some guesses. She chuckled, “Let me think. Roxanne?”

Isabella denied her, “No, I saw Zachary!”

Neera’s brows went up upon hearing that name, “Wow, you saw him…”

“That’s right! When I went downstairs, I bumped into him when he was seeing the doctor. Can you guess which department he was seeking medical attention from? You will never guess it!”

Neera had a hunch when she heard Isabella’s quirky and playful tone. However, she simply asked, “Which department was it?”

Isabella could not hold it in anymore. She blurted out, “It’s the andrology department! He was acting all suspicious as if he did not want to be seen, so I went poking around and found that… He has some problems down there! Haha… Can you believe it, I almost laughed myself to death!”

She sounded so excited as if she had scored a jackpot, “It was Roxanne at first, now it is Zachary. Neera, do you think karma is finally befalling them? Are they getting the punishment that they deserve now?”


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