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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 129

After coming out of his room, Neera ran all the way downstairs. She began to choose some medical ingredients.

That image in his room lingered in her mind. It felt like a curse. She could not wipe it away.

She did not realize that her cheeks were burning with embarrassment right now.

She felt like her fingertips were itchy for some reason when they came into contact with the ingredients. She kept wanting to scratch them.

She was done choosing the ingredients, and her fingertips were reddish now…

An hour later, the wait was finally up. Jean was sweating all over and he did not look so good right now.

He sat up with great difficulty. He was very lethargic right now as if all of his strength had drained out of his body.

Neera said seriously, “See, you haven't received prompt treatment since two days ago. That is why your body is deteriorating right now!’

She felt upset whenever she thought about the fact that he was hiding his condition from her.

However, it was futile to complain now. She had given him enough warning.

She softened her tone, “Never mind. Sit down first. I will fill the tub with some hot water.”

Then, she wanted to go to the bathroom.

Jean suddenly grabbed her, but his voice was very soft, “Don’t do that. Leave this to Ian…”

He was so weak that he could barely lift his arm. He sweated a lot, yet his touch was so cold.

Neera felt worried again upon seeing his weakened state. She carefully removed his hand from her skin, “What are you yapping about? You need to get into a hot bath to soothe your body. If not, you will be stuck in such a weakened state. Tonight, I have concocted some new formulas for you. Ian would not know how to mix it for you.”

Jean stopped insisting, “Sorry for the trouble.”

Then, Neera began to fill the tub with hot water. Then, she tossed the ingredients into it and waited for it to mix thoroughly before coming out of the bathroom again.

“Alright, the temperature is just right. Go in now!”

Jean thanked her again and got up. However, he seemed to have trouble walking properly.

He suddenly clutched his chest and there was an agonized look on his face. His face was deathly pale at the moment.

Neera knew immediately that his body could not allow him to move freely just yet. The pain must be too much for him.

She held him to stabilize his footing, “Walk, I will help you. You might collapse if you try to reach the bathroom by yourself… When you are done with the bath, your energy will return…”

She then grabbed his arm hard.

Jean felt a warmth radiating from her touch. He shot a look at her smooth fingers that were on his skin.

He realized that he welcomed her touch. He could not explain this strange sensation…

However, he decided not to let useless thoughts in for now. He allowed Neera to help him into the bathroom…

A while later, they stood next to the tub. Neera let go of him and was about to leave but because of the slippery floor, she skidded on it and lost her balance.

Her body flung backward as she screamed out loudly.

Neera flailed her arms as she fell.


Jean turned around upon hearing her scream and that was when she crashed into him.

He did not brace himself for this…

So, both of them fell into the tub!

With a loud splash, the hot water shot up in the air and came down in a million sprinkles.

Neera’s mind was blank. She could not open her eyes because of the splash, and she was also in Jean’s embrace now. She was leaning on his chest and her clothes were all soaked…

Jean wanted to hold her tight to protect her, so his hands were on her waist.

They were stuck in this romantic yet ambiguous posture for some time…


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