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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 13

In ten minutes, Neera inserted more than thirty needles into Jean's body. Finally, she stopped.

The silvery glint of the needles was a spine-chilling sight.

Ian asked worriedly, "Doctor… Will Sire be okay?"

His heart was at his throat. If Jean's condition worsened, there was nothing he could do.

Neera shot a glance at him and said, "He should wake up in half an hour."

Harvey brought her a glass of water. "Mommy, you should rest. Have some water."

"Mm." Neera took a sip and said, "Good boy."

Sammy and Penny went up to her and took her hands.

"Good job, Mommy!"

"I'll give you a massage later."

Administering the needles was indeed tiring work, but her three children made her feel a lot better.

Ian was not relieved yet. He wondered what took the medical team so long.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang, and Ian quickly went to answer it.

The Beauvort family medical team of eight doctors stood outside the door. They were carrying all sorts of medical apparatus in their hands.

The doctor in the lead was a young woman. She asked, "How is Sire?"

"He's inside. Please come in," Ian said and stepped aside.

The woman nodded and let the others in.

The doctors were prepared to administer emergency resuscitation. When they approached the bed, they saw the needles on Jean's body.

"What… What's the meaning of this?" the woman frowned and asked.

Ian explained, "Sire's condition was really serious earlier. There was a doctor next door, so I asked for her help…"

He pointed at Neera sitting on the sofa not far away.

The woman frowned in disapproval.

"How can you be so rash, Ian? You should know about Sire's condition! How can you risk his life with some random quack doctor? Aren't you concerned at all?" she spoke rudely.

Neera raised her eyebrows slightly when she heard that.

Did she just call me a quack doctor? That's the first time someone ever did that!

The triplets also heard that.

Harvey was the first one to stand up. "Who are you calling a quack doctor?" he said coldly.

Sammy was unhappy too. "How dare you call my mommy a quack doctor! Do you think you're so great?"

"My mommy is a thousand times better than you are!" Penny added.

The woman's expression sank. Her disdain was palpable. "What else should I call someone who inserts needles into a patient without studying their medical records first? His constitution is weak, and you can't do anything you want to his body. If you toy with his life like that, are you going to be responsible if something happens?"

She turned around and prepared to remove the needles from Jean's body.

Can't she see the man's current condition now? Neera thought.

"I don't blame you for your short-sightedness, but I'd warn you not to touch those needles! You won't be able to bear the consequences," she finally spoke.

The woman's hand froze in midair, but she chuckled. "Why are you making acupuncture out to be such a big deal? I'm a doctor of medicine from the top medical college in the country and Sire's chief physician. Who would know Sire's condition better than I do? In any case, acupuncture… is nothing but pseudoscience and the art of scammers!"

In other words, the woman thought Neera was a scammer!


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