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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 132

Wrenn no longer beats around the bush.

"I think you should know what I mean. Joanna has been very concerned and responsible for your condition for the past two years. Even though someone else is treating you now, you shouldn't burn bridges and completely shut Joanna out of your medical care. It's too heartless of you to just kick her aside like that; she still has value to offer."

Jean squinted his eyes slightly, a hint of displeasure in his gaze.

"So, she went to you to plead on her behalf, asking you to intervene?"

Wrenn shook her head, "I knew you'd think that way, but Joanna is not that kind of person. She didn't say a single bad word about Ms. Garcia in front of me. She even praised her a few times. She simply informed me about your condition when she was doing a routine check for me."

Jean wasn't sure whether to believe it or not, but his demeanor grew even colder.

"I don't think there's anything wrong with replacing a doctor who hasn't made any progress in two years."

"Words may say that, but Joanna has put in effort too. It's just that your condition is extremely complicated. Keeping her on the team is a precautionary measure, for there will be times when you'll need her expertise, understand?"

As Wrenn continued, her tone became increasingly firm, clearly intending to stand up for him.

"So, I won't agree to remove her from the team. You must reinstate Joanna in her position if you want me and your father to feel at ease."

Listening to her words, leaving no room for disagreement, Jean's gaze dimmed. In the end, he didn't agree or reject outright.

Later that evening, after visiting his great-uncle, he returned to the company.

Shortly after, Wrenn told Joanna about the conversation.

Joanna took Jean's silence as consent and was overjoyed, profusely thanking Wrenn, speaking as sweetly as honey.

She told Wrenn exactly what she wanted to hear...

After leaving the hospital, Jean went directly back to the company.

Busy throughout the day, he had an unexpected social engagement in the evening and didn't return home, heading straight to meet with the client.


On Neera's side, she also made a phone call to Zuniga.

"I have a social engagement tonight, so I won't be coming home for dinner. Can you pick up the kids and make sure they eat well without waiting for me?"

Zuniga naturally agreed.

Later, she went to the restaurant with Levi.

The restaurant was carefully chosen by Levi, with a vintage decor that created a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere.

Neera looked around at the decorations and ambiance inside the private room and remarked, "This place is nice."

Levi pulled out the chair for her, smiling warmly. "I knew you'd like it. The food here is also great, so we can savor it later."

He was attentive, which made Neera feel a bit uncomfortable, but she kept a composed expression, nodding in thanks as she took her seat.

Soon, the other executives arrived, and the atmosphere became lively.

Levi took responsibility to introduce several high-level executives to Neera.

"This is Haider Xavier, the manager of the finance department, and this is from the business department... Finally, the vice president, Scarlet Swain."

He introduced them in sequence, pointing to the lady sitting on his other side.

Neera looked over and found that she was quite beautiful, a typical savvy and capable urban elite woman, exuding an alluring aura.

She smiled at her and politely greeted, "Hello."

Scarlet also smiled in return, but her approach wasn't as enthusiastic as the others, "I've heard of Ms. Garcia's name from Mr. Wilkes. Today, I finally get the chance to meet you."

She raised her wine glass and continued, "Nice to meet you. Please take care of me."

Neera, upon hearing her words, glimpsed a glint of curiosity in her clear eyes.

Scarlet seemed polite with her words, but her attitude gave off a sense of coldness.

Even... Neera could sense a hint of hostility emanating from her.

Initially, Neera was somewhat puzzled.

They were meeting for the first time, and she hadn't done anything to provoke Scarlet, so why did she suddenly hold some animosity toward her?

But it didn't take long for her to figure out the reason.

During the meal, Scarlet occasionally glanced at Levi, engaging in conversation with him, her eyes expressing more than just a casual interest.

And Levi's care and attention towards her were somewhat apparent...

Neera guessed that Scarlet probably had feelings for Levi, and that's why she saw Neera as a potential rival!

Neera couldn't help but find it a little amusing.

This was truly an unfounded disaster!

However, Scarlet didn't think that way...

She had worked hard for so long, finally securing her position, and she believed it was due to her abilities that she reached such heights.

Therefore, she looked down on Neera, who seemed to have been given her position through connections.

Even more, she disliked Levi's warm attitude toward Neera...

After all, he was quite aloof when he was with her.

Neera didn't expect all this, nor did she pay much attention to Scarlet's hostility. Instead, she enjoyed the meal wholeheartedly.

Her down-to-earth demeanor made the senior executives have a favorable impression of her.

After dinner, the group suggested moving to another venue.

Neera wanted to go home, but she didn't want to spoil the mood of the first gathering, so she went along with them to the club.

After all, she was the one treating everyone, so it was only natural to treat them until the end.

At the new venue, the group ordered plenty of drinks and engaged in relaxed conversation while having fun.

Levi remained seated next to Neera, actively pouring her drinks and taking care of her.

However, Neera didn't drink much.

She didn't particularly enjoy this type of place, even though it was the highest-end club in Kingsview, with a calm and sophisticated environment and well-mannered guests. Still, she couldn't warm up to it.

During the time everyone was drinking and enjoying themselves, she took out her phone and sent a message to the triplets, asking what they were up to.

Seeing that Neera wasn't actively participating, Levi tried to strike up a conversation with her, trying to make the most of this opportunity for more contact.

Meanwhile, upstairs in the VIP private room.

Jean was there too.

His position had an excellent view, and with just a slight glance, he could oversee the entire scene.

At this moment, he noticed the situation downstairs and frowned...


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