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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 141

Ian quickly regained his senses and approached Neera with eager anticipation, his eyes practically sparkling with excitement.

"Ms. Garcia, did you take some sort of magic potion or divine elixir during your pregnancy? Why is your child's intelligence so unbelievably exceptional? If I ever get married, please, for the sake of our acquaintance, grant me a child like him! I'd be eternally grateful!"

Neera couldn't help but be speechless at his enthusiastic praise.

She covered her face, finding him a bit overwhelming with his exaggerated flattery. She took a step back, looking at him with bewilderment.

"What magic potion? What are you talking about? Why are you being so dramatic?"

Seeing her puzzled expression, Ian recounted the events that had just unfolded.

Upon understanding the situation, Neera found it both amusing and hard to believe. She glanced at the triplets and then back at him.

"It's not as miraculous as you think. Harvey does have some knowledge in this area, but it's just superficial. Most of his previous investments were a combination of luck and the support of my aunt's company team."

Ian wasn't convinced and thought she was just being humble.

"How can that be? Ms. Garcia, you're being too modest. It's not just a couple of successful investments. Your son knew exactly what he was talking about, and even his responses to Sire's stock inquiries were spot on. This is no mere luck; your son is a genius in investments! I heard he handles all your family's finances, which is why you could buy luxury cars with ease!"

Neera was amused and exasperated by his persistence. She explained, "You're exaggerating. He does know some things in this field, but it's not as extraordinary as you make it sound. And by the way, our family's finances were in trouble not long ago because of his recklessness. We couldn't afford even a few million dollars, so don't praise him too much."

Being exposed, Harvey blinked his eyes and revealed an adorable smile. However, Jean's opinion remained unchanged, evidently not believing Neera's explanation. In his view, she was either intentionally concealing something or genuinely clueless about investments, as the little guy had suggested, leading her to underestimate Harvey's abilities.

Narrowing his eyes slightly, Jean couldn't help but scrutinize Neera, trying to figure her out. Yet, Neera remained calm and composed, wearing a natural smile that didn't give away any signs of deception.

Jean found her quite enigmatic, but that didn't deter him from his impressions of this family. Each member seemed to possess remarkable qualities: Neera's mastery of medicine, Penny's inheritance of her mother's medical talents, and Harvey's sensitivity to financial investments, destined to become a business elite.

But what about Sammy?

Curious, he glanced in Sammy's direction and couldn't help but burst into laughter at the sight.

There was Sammy, attempting to ride on Cece, their plump and round pet as if trying to make Cece carry him around.

Neera followed Jean's gaze and couldn't help but laugh too. She hurried over, picking up the little troublemaker, and couldn't contain her amusement. "Give Cece a break, can't you see you're almost squishing it?"

But Sammy was undeterred and waved his little arms at Cece, defending himself, "No way! Cece is so chubby; its flesh is not just fluff!"

The carefree Sammy amused everyone with his antics.

Observing this family from time to time, Jean felt like his gaze could penetrate through them. Neera sensed that this place was no longer suitable for a prolonged stay.

She cleared her throat, feeling a bit apologetic, and said, "I'm sorry they've bothered you. You can continue with your work; I'll take them back to our room."

Jean shook his head, indicating that he didn't mind, but Neera quickly ushered the kids back to their room next door.


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