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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 167

Upon hearing this, Ian was taken aback for a moment and instinctively turned his gaze towards Neera.

Neera heard the conversation and stopped walking for a moment. She paused and exchanged a glance with Ian.

The look conveyed a clear message. Neera had no intention of revealing her identity.

Ian immediately grasped the message and responded casually, "His wife's been taking care of Sire all night and is now preparing to rest. It would be inconvenient for her to meet with you. Let's talk about it next time."

Hearing this, Joanna's heart sank with a thud, feeling deeply disappointed. Based on what she knew about Jean, he was always distant from women and indifferent to them. However, now not only did Neera appear, but there was also a sudden mention of Jean's wife.

She could not help but wonder if she ever stood a chance with him at all.

Realizing the possibility, all her hopes transformed into disappointment, evident in her gloomy expression.

Noticing that Joanna lingered, Ian's impatience grew, and he dropped his polite demeanor. He reminded her sternly, "Joanna, you know my temper well. No one can question or defy what I say. Moreover, Sire is still weak, and your uninvited presence here displeases him. Please leave immediately. Don't provoke him further. You need to avoid any consequences."

His words were harsh, and Joanna felt a mix of fear and unwillingness. Despite her reluctance, she had no choice but to leave reluctantly.

As she exited, her mood was somber. Lately, Jean's attitude towards her had turned colder and colder. Not being able to meet with him face to face left her feeling anxious and uncertain about her place in his life.

Joanna felt a growing concern that her standing with Jean was slipping, and the thought of losing his favor distressed her deeply. She had been protecting him for a considerable time and was determined not to let anyone else snatch him away.

Believing that the position of Mrs. Beauvort rightfully belonged to her, she now found herself harshly rejected. The fear of this situation impacting Jean's decision on R&D funds for the research institute next year brought her to a breaking point.

With these thoughts weighing heavily on her mind, a gloomy expression crossed Joanna's face. In her quest to secure her place in Jean's life, she decided to do something for Jean's mother.

Unaware of the complexities in Joanna's heart, Neera departed without returning to the neighboring place. The night had been restless, and she could barely get any sleep, leaving her overwhelmed with fatigue.

Upon arriving home, Neera quickly took a shower and immediately fell asleep, and refused to dry her hair.

The next morning, the triplets woke up to find their mother still asleep, which puzzled them.

"Auntie Zuniga, why hasn't mommy woken up yet? Did she work overtime yesterday?" Harvey asked Auntie Zuniga instead of disturbing their mother.

Auntie Zuniga explained, "Something happened to Mr. Beauvort last night and your mommy went to treat him yesterday and just came back this morning. She must be exhausted. You should eat up, I'll save some for her until she wakes up."

Upon hearing this, the triplets had no appetite for breakfast and hurried over to next door.

Knocking on the door, Richard opened it and was surprised to see them. The triplets asked anxiously, "Mr. Richard, we're here to see Uncle Jean. Is he awake?"

Richard hesitated for a moment and then replied, "Yes, he's awake now. He's upstairs..."

Before finishing speaking, the triplets only said, "Excuse us," and then they went upstairs.

Seeing the triplets coming in, Jean was taken aback, "Why are you here so early?"

"We heard that something happened to you last night. How are you doing now? Are you feeling better?" the triplets asked, concerned about his physical condition.

Looking at the triplets' frown, Jean unconsciously smirked and replied softly, "It's all right, don't worry."

The triplets breathed a sigh of relief.

Harvey blinked and told him with a serious face, "Uncle Jean, you must pay attention in the future. If you feel uncomfortable, you must tell Mommy immediately. Don't force yourself, or we will be very worried about you!"

Looking at the sincere eyes of the triplets, Jean's heart was so warm that he nodded.


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