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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 176

Wrenn was even more surprised after hearing that. She could not imagine how a barely 5-year-old child could know how to bandage someone. However, she did not refuse Penny's help even though she could not believe it.

Penny was happy and immediately went to Wrenn's side. She disinfected Wrenn's wound, applied some medicine, and bandaged it skillfully.

Then, she squatted, sprayed some medicine on Wrenn's sprained ankle, and gently massaged it. Although she did not use much strength, her movements were refined, and one could easily tell she was experienced.

Frederic and Wrenn were shocked by the skillful, clean process.

This child is amazing! Whose child is she? How did they teach her so well?

Sammy could tell that the two elderly were shocked, and his eyes lit up. He took the chance to explain, "Actually, my sister's specialty is injections. These are a piece of cake!"

After the elders heard his words, they were even more amazed. Who knew this little girl would be so skillful at such a young age?

They could not help but praise Penny, "You're amazing! You'll definitely become a great doctor in the future."

Penny smiled shyly and blushed. It seemed like she was genuinely happy.

After a while, she said, "I'm done. Grandma, you need to rest for a few days, and you'll recover!"

Wrenn looked at her bandaged wound, and her eyes were filled with joy. "Thank you, you're amazing!"

Penny smiled sweetly and gave some medicine to Wrenn. "Grandma, when you return, you have to spray this medicine a few times every day and massage your ankle. It'll help with your recovery."

Wrenn took the medicine and gently said, "Alright, I'll do as you say."

It was almost time for the triplets to go to kindergarten, so after they bid farewell to Frederic and Wrenn, Zuniga brought them back.

Frederic and Wrenn watched as they left. Then, Frederic looked away reluctantly and said, "Did you notice that the triplets' eyes looked a lot like Jean's when he was little?"

Once he mentioned that, Wrenn was taken aback and realized it was indeed the case.

However, she did not think they would be related to her child. After all, she understood her son well. He had never been close to women, so how could he have children?

Wrenn let out a helpless sigh. "I know you want grandchildren, but we're not blessed with them, so don't think about it. My only wish is for Jean to continue living in peace and stop suffering from his illness… I'll be satisfied with that."

Frederic was the same. Although he felt regretful, he still nodded. "That's true. Alright, let's not talk about this anymore and go home."

Wrenn nodded and allowed him to help her walk back home.

When the triplets were back home, they were still excited and continued talking about their grandparents.

"Grandpa is so kind, and Grandma looks pretty too. It'll be great if we can get in touch with them more often in the future!"

"Yes! When can we officially introduce ourselves? I really want to tell them we're related and are a family. Then, we'll really have grandparents!"

Harvey was the most sensible one and said seriously, "We shouldn't think too far ahead for now. Let's take it slowly and let Daddy and Mommy like each other first, then the rest won't be a problem!"

Once Sammy and Penny heard his words, they agreed and dismissed their thoughts.

Soon, Frederic and Wrenn returned home.

Jean realized Wrenn's walking was strange, so he immediately noticed her ankle was injured.


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