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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 184

Soon, Jean instructed Ian to fetch the medicine box.

Unaware of what had just transpired, Ian was taken aback when he heard the order and nervously asked, "Sire, are you unwell?"

Jean gave him a cold glance and urged, "It's not for me. Go quickly and don't ask so many questions!"

At that moment, Ian finally sensed that something was amiss between them. Sensing the atmosphere, he wisely refrained from further inquiries and obediently carried out the task.

Once Jean received the medicine box, he closed the door.

"Pull up your clothes."

There was no one else in the room, he said.

Neera pouted, turned away from the man, and lifted the back of her clothes, revealing a large expanse of skin.

At first, she didn't feel anything unusual, but when a cold sensation spread across her back, she started to feel a bit embarrassed...

What on earth possessed her to agree to let this man administer medicine for her?

Wouldn't it have been better to ask Penny for help at home?

Luckily, she had her back turned to Jean at the moment, so he couldn't see her blushing cheeks.

As for Jean...

When he saw the large expanse of Neera's fair skin and the beautifully prominent butterfly bones, he was momentarily entranced.

However, that trance was quickly broken by the long, red mark on her back.

Just by glancing at it through her clothes, he could tell it was severe.

Now, with the wound fully exposed before him, it was almost shocking to behold.

No wonder Neera was angry and threw the medicine powder.

This girl didn't take any loss at all.

But that was fine, it would teach Dandy a lesson!

Soon, Jean began to administer the medicine and whispered, "If it hurts, bear with it."

Neera nodded in a sulky manner, "Mm."

Her agreement was reluctantly given.

However, the wound was really painful. When Jean applied the medicine, he pressed a little too hard, causing her to flinch in pain.

Upon seeing this, Jean hesitated briefly before bending down and gently blowing on her back to ease her discomfort.

The cool breath fell on her back, and for some reason, it felt like an electric current passing through her, causing Neera's whole body to tingle...

Especially when the man's fingertips spread the medicine, the slight touch made her heart inexplicably beat faster.

She felt like she might be sick to experience such a strange sensation!

After enduring it for quite a while, she couldn't help asking three times, "Is it done yet?"

At first, Jean didn't pay much attention, but later he noticed that her skin was gradually turning pink, and he raised an eyebrow in surprise.

Could this girl be feeling shy?

A playful thought arose in Jean's mind, and instead of speeding up, he intentionally prolonged the process, leisurely saying, "Not yet."

After tormenting her for a while longer, he finally let her off, "Now it's done."

Hearing this, Neera immediately put her clothes back down.

Jean saw her pretending to be normal while her ears had turned as red as tomatoes, which made him chuckle.

This girl was so cute when she got shy!

Unaware that she had already given herself away, Neera quickly bid farewell and left.

By the time she got home, the triplets had already been sent to school, and she let out a long sigh of relief.


On the other hand, Dandy had been taken to the hospital.

Her face was covered with small red bumps, even on her chin, making her look frightening.

After an examination, the doctor provided a diagnosis.

"It appears to be an allergic reaction, but we haven't identified the allergen yet. It could be dust, pollen, or something else..."


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