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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 186

Neera listened as they eagerly recounted the events, finding it somewhat amusing, so she told them the truth.

"The person you helped is Uncle Jean's mother."

The triplets pretended not to know, jumping up with joy.

"Really? Then we must have a special connection with Uncle Jean's family!"

Neera's lips curled slightly.

Whether they had a connection or not, she wasn't sure, but she felt that if things continued like this, she might really get herself into trouble.

She helped the triplets take off their backpacks, and Harvey, sharp-eyed, noticed her actions and seemed a bit unnatural.

"Mommy, are you feeling unwell or injured? Is it serious?"

Taking advantage of his siblings' inattention, he leaned over and quietly held Neera's hand and whispered to her.

Neera was taken aback, not expecting the little guy to be so attentive, and her heart is feeling warmed.

However, she didn't want him to worry, so she downplayed it and replied, "It's nothing, Mommy just accidentally bumped her back and it's a bit sore, not serious, it'll be fine in a couple of days."

In a hushed voice, she added, "Don't tell your siblings about this, Mommy doesn't want them to worry."

The little guy still seemed doubtful.

But seeing that Mommy appeared fine and didn't seem to be lying, he finally relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Mommy, you must be more careful in the future, don't bump into things, or both me and my siblings will be very worried."

Listening to the little guy's caring advice, Neera was deeply moved and rubbed his little head, "Okay, Mommy will."

In the evening, after the family had dinner, she accompanied the little ones in doing their school craft assignments.

The family chatted and laughed, completing their projects amid joy and laughter.

Around eight o'clock, during the casual conversation, the triplets mentioned Jean.

"Mommy, is Uncle Jean feeling better now? Is he still in pain?"

Neera responded, "He's feeling better now."

Penny smiled and flattered, "Of course, with Mommy's help, any ailment can be cured; there's nothing mommy can't handle!"

Then she blinked her eyes and cleverly changed the subject.

"By the way, now that we've finished our homework, let's go see Uncle Jean together!"

Sammy caught on and immediately chimed in, "That's a great idea! How about we make him a greeting card, wishing him a speedy recovery?"

Penny applauded the suggestion, and Harvey also nodded in agreement.

The triplets discussed how to design the card and then started to work on it, leaving Neera with no say in the matter, just chuckling at their concern for the man next door.

But she knew that even if she tried to stop them, it would be futile, so she decided to let them do as they pleased.

Around nine o'clock, the triplets finally finished the card.

Neera thought she still needed to administer another treatment tonight, so she went along with them to Jean's place.

Once there, the triplets eagerly presented the card they had made to Jean.

"Uncle Jean, we made this ourselves! It carries our family's wishes for you to recover soon and be the healthiest person. We hope you like it!"

Jean was touched by their heartfelt gesture and accepted the card, examining the words and drawings they put into it with great care.

A smile unconsciously appeared on his lips.

His heart felt filled with something he had never experienced before—a profound warmth.

"Thank you all; I'll treasure this."

He put it away, handling it as if it were a precious treasure.

The triplets were satisfied to see his reaction.

Knowing that Mommy still had to treat Uncle Jean, they didn't stay long, being considerate, they returned home obediently.

Afterward, Neera and Jean went upstairs to his bedroom.

"How do you feel tonight?"

Pulling out the silver needles, she asked as usual.

Jean replied calmly, "I still feel weak and sore all over, but the pain has subsided."

Neera was somewhat skeptical, "Really? You're not just enduring it again?"

Jean earnestly said, "I'm telling the truth."

That reassured Neera.

Soon, she had Jean lie down, and she began administering the treatment.

Before starting, Jean was still concerned about her injury and asked, "Is your injury okay? If it still hurts, we can skip the treatment tonight."

Neera shook her head, "It's fine. Your treatment can't be interrupted. Don't talk nonsense; lie down properly."

Jean didn't say anything further and obediently followed her instructions...

Two hours later, Neera removed all the needles and wiped the sweat from her forehead.

"Alright, take a medicinal bath as usual, and I'll be heading back now."

She tidied up the silver needles and was about to leave.

However, Jean stopped her, saying, "You haven't applied your medicine yet; apply it before leaving."


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