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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 202

Ian understood and went knocking on the neighboring door to explain the purpose of his visit.

Neera was surprised to hear that Jean's parents wanted to see her. "What's going on?" she asked.

Ian tactfully answered, "My apologies, Ms. Garcia. I'm not certain. But … Madam Wrenn seemed a little off. Something is amiss. Please be prepared."

Neera took a guess. Could this be about the incident with Dandy? Despite not wanting to go, she didn't refuse and cooperated by heading next door.

Upon entering the living room, she politely greeted them and then asked in a calm voice, "Why are you here this late, Mom? What can I do for you?"

Wrenn could no longer contain her anger the moment Neera walked in. She began to reprimand her daughter-in-law with a stern expression.

"I warned you, Neera. You were to behave yourself once you married into the family! What did you promise me then? It's only been a few days and yet, I hear rumors about you hooking up with random men. Do you take the Beauvort family for a joke?"

Neera was taken aback by the rapid-fire accusations and didn't know how to respond. She pointed at herself with a bewildered expression on her face. "Hooking up … with men? Where did you hear that rumor from?"

She had been worrying herself sick over Jean's illness. There was also a whole slew of work coming from her company. When would she have had the chance to hook up with a man?

Jean was no less surprised. He frowned and asked, "Has there been some kind of misunderstanding?"

Wrenn only grew more furious at Neera's refusal to admit it. Her tone took on a sharp edge.

"You're still denying it? There's no smoke without a fire. Why would others spread rumors about you without reason? I thought you listened, seeing how well you behaved in the past two days. To think you're still behaving like a sl*t! Do you think the Beauvort family would tolerate a woman who's running wild?"

Neera's expression turned cold when faced with Wrenn's disdain and disgust.

She was acting. That much was true, but she had shown Madam Wrenn the utmost respect. Wrenn, however, didn't treat her with the same level of respect! The phrase "like a sl*t" had struck a nerve!

Neera no longer held back. She furrowed her brows as her countenance turned icy. "It's important to provide evidence if you're going to level these accusations against me. Have you seen me hooking up with a man? Or did someone close to you witness it? On what grounds do you stand to label me a sl*t?"

She remained composed. Her tone wasn't one of anger but it carried an indescribable air of authority.

Jean could sense her growing frustration and knew his mother had gone too far.

He spoke in a solemn tone, "Mom, the only people Neera had recently been in contact with are her subordinates at work. She was otherwise by my side. Where on earth did you hear these rumors from? Your accusations were quite excessive."

Wrenn wasn't expecting her son to speak up for Neera and choked. She also noticed Jean's displeasure and felt even less favorably toward her daughter-in-law.

Her son was usually an astute man. Why was he acting so foolishly now? Could she have … misunderstood Neera?

Frederic also seemed skeptical. He told them about the rumors after a moment's hesitation.

"It's not like your mother is deliberately trying to find fault with her. There have been talks going around about people seeing her with a young man, often entering and leaving clubs together. They seemed intimate. There were also rumors that she was financially supported by a sugar daddy before she got married. They were detailed. It's hard for us not to believe them."

Wrenn glared at Neera. Her words were sharp. "Rumors don't come out of thin air. Why would others make up stories about you? Surely they have better things to do. There were even talks about her causing a scene at Susie's Cakes today where she flaunted a pretty boy. Multiple people witnessed it. Are you saying they're all wrong?"


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