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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 204

Neera spoke with conviction.

Frederic was unexpectedly taken aback by her words. There was a surprise in his eyes

He found a strong sense of pride in her demeanor …

Such traits were extremely rare in the modern age where fickleness was a common sight. It was something he hadn't seen in a while.

To think he would find these qualities in Neera, who was rumored to have a "bad reputation".

Was a girl like her truly someone so reckless?

He suddenly thought that there might be more to the story behind what had happened in the past.

Wrenn's expression was still somewhat unsightly.

She knew she was in the wrong, but she believed that, as the elder, Neera shouldn't have been so confrontational. Neera should have taken the initiative to offer her a way out.

It was clear, however, she had no intentions of doing so.

Wrenn was left speechless.

Fortunately, Frederic stepped in to defuse the situation and redirected the conversation.

"Alright. We'll be more careful in the future. This was indeed our mistake. We won't believe those rumors so willy-nilly again. We won't interfere with your lives again since both you and Jean are doing well."

With that, he got to his feet and left with the uncomfortable Wrenn.

Jean saw them out the door.

He returned to the living room once they were gone. He pursed his lips and apologized, "I'm sorry for putting you in that situation."

Neera pouted. "Forget it. It's fine. I can't be bothered with them. Besides, it's not the first time someone has come to question me this way. It's okay."

With that said, she was no longer in the mood to stay and turned to leave.

Jean could tell she was still upset despite her claims that she was fine.

After all, having baseless slander piled onto her wouldn't sit well with anyone either.

Ian also noticed and couldn't help but feel worried.

"Ms. Garcia seems upset, Sire. Will she stop treating you in a fit of anger? What are we supposed to do if that happens?"

Jean's gaze sharpened with confidence. "She wouldn't. She's not the type of person to go back on her word."

Seeing his expression, Ian realized he had overthought the situation and quickly apologized, "I misspoke."

He then furrowed his brows. He couldn't help but grumble. "Roxanne Garcia has certainly caused a lot of trouble!"

It didn't take a genius to figure out it was that woman who spread these rumors!

Jean's eyes darkened.

The reason Neera suffered verbal humiliation from his mother stemmed from these rumors. The instigator behind it, without a doubt, was Roxanne.

The Garcias were a den of wolves who treated Neera with great cruelty!

He remained silent, but Ian, still fuming, continued to complain.

"That woman is quite the schemer. She manipulated Ms. Garcia and caused her suffering five years ago. Five years later, she plays you for a fool. Her methods are deplorable. Fortunately, the one that married into the family is Ms. Garcia and not her. People like Roxanne aren't even worthy of being Ms. Garcia's shoe shiner! Moreover, she's the one with an ambiguous relationship with Zachary. What a pair of scum …"

Hearing this, Jean frowned. He shot him a sidelong glance and asked, "What does that mean?"

He usually showed little interest in other people's affairs.

He had never paid Roxanne any attention.

He was completely unaware of what Ian was talking about.

Ian immediately explained, "I've reported the matter to you before. Ms. Garcia's ex-fiancé and her stepsister teamed up to scheme against her. It resulted in her ruined reputation. I later looked into it and discovered that there was more to the story … Roxanne had long been with Zachary. That incident might've been their joint scheme!"

"Furthermore, Ms. Garcia was supposedly at the hotel that day because she had attended Roxanne's birthday banquet the day before ... The next day, she woke up to rumors about her spending a passionate night with three men at the hotel!"

Ian's voice dropped to a low whisper, "Truth be told, I always thought there was something fishy about the matter! Ms. Garcia had only just returned from the countryside a few months prior at the time. She had a very shy and innocent personality. She was always around Zachary. Coupled with her engagement, it's highly unlikely she would've done something so shameful!"


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