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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 217

Roxanne was behind Zachary, and her expression froze.

Especially seeing Zachary's anxiety, she was so angry!

Neera did not expect to meet them here. In disgust, she shook Zachary's hand away abruptly and frowned. "What's the matter?"

Zachary was already furious. After seeing her attitude, he became even angrier. "Stop pretending to be confused! Give me that thing!"

He stared at her while gritting his teeth. He did not mention the antidote because of embarrassment. "It's enough! Stop tormenting me!"

Neera knew what he wanted. But she would not give him the antidote.

She raised her eyebrows and sneered coldly. "Just wait until you change yourself."

Zachary looked menacing. "I'll do whatever you want! Give me that thing!"

Neera was impatient. "Can't you understand my words? Didn't I tell you my request just now?"

Zachary was pissed off. But he knew that if he continued the stalemate, Neera would not give him an antidote.

So he had to find another way. He took a deep breath, controlled his anger, and tried to sound friendly.

"Neera, I know it was my fault. Whether it was a few years ago or after you returned, I shouldn't have treated you that way. For the sake of our engagement in the past, I hope you can forget what I did."

Forget what he did? He said nonsense!

Neera showed sarcasm and mercilessly exposed his hypocrisy.

"Zachary, you've never really repented of your mistakes. So don't need to pretend to be nice. I've seen your hypocrisy too much."

While speaking, she glanced faintly at his injured arm. Her voice was chill. "Don't bother me. Unless you don't want the other hand anymore!"

Zachary had never been treated like this before, and his face was livid with anger.

"You..." He did not know what else to say.

Roxanne listened to the whole conversation. Seeing that they talked about things she could not understand, she was angry and jealous. She thought they had something shameful to hide from her.

Roxanne could not take it anymore and angrily walked to Zachary to question him.

"Zach! What do you want from Neera? Did she take something from you?"

Zachary was in anger, so naturally, he would not tell Roxanne. He shouted, "You don't need to know it!"

Upon hearing that, Roxanne completely exploded. "Why? I'm your fiancée! How can you hide it from me?"

Frenzied with jealousy and rage, she began to accuse him indiscriminately, "Do you think I didn't realize you got attracted by this b*tch? You have her in your heart!"

Zachary froze and immediately retorted, "What nonsense are you talking about!"

If it were normal, Roxanne would never lose her temper with Zachary. She usually pretended to be elegant. But now she was in a fit of anger and burst out her suspicions that she had suppressed for several days.

"Nonsense? Did I say something wrong? You broke into her room the night before her wedding! Didn't you think she looked prettier and wanted to own her?"

Being exposed, Zachary felt ashamed. He blushed and scolded Roxanne, "I was drunk! I don't even know what I did on that day!"

His excuse increased Roxanne's hatred for Neera.

He still couldn't forget Neera! He even ran to find her when he was drunk! He must have an obsession with that b*tch!


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