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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 247

The incident happened suddenly, so Neera did not react for a while. She was stunned for a moment.

At this moment, Jean also came back to his senses. When he saw that it was Neera, he was startled. "Neera?"

As he just woke up, his voice was still a little hoarse.

Neera finally returned to her senses, struggled, and scolded angrily, "Yes, it's me! I wanted to cover you with a blanket to lest you catch a cold! Why do you react so big? You're like guarding against thieves!"

After she said that, Jean realized he was indeed too defensive.

He glanced at the blanket that had fallen by his side, and his expression was a little more apologetic.

"Sorry, I didn't mean it. I fell asleep and felt someone touch me, so I reflexed..."

Neera resisted the urge to roll her eyes and complained in her heart.

Reflex? His reaction was as if he got stabbed! Especially the look in his eyes just now. It was as sharp as a knife that it looked like it would cut me into pieces.

Neera was too lazy to argue with Jean and wanted to get up but found he still held her. She unconsciously flushed.

"Can you let me go?" She bit her lips and reprimanded in embarrassment.

Their posture was indescribably ambiguous.

Jean also realized it and felt a little embarrassed.

"Okay." He let go of Neera's hand and prepared to get up.

Coincidentally, Ian walked in from the outside.

He saw Jean resting just now and worried Jean would catch a cold, so he went back next door to get the blanket. After all, it was unsuitable for him to rummage through things in Neera's house.

Ian never thought he would see such a hot scene as soon as he entered the door! He was shocked and dumbfounded.

It's only been a few minutes since I left. How did the scene become so hot? Has their relationship developed so quickly?

As Jean's assistant, he was by Jean's side almost 24 hours a day, but he did not notice anything. He seemed too negligent of his duty.

Ian's first reaction was to turn his back wisely. "I didn't see anything! Go ahead! I'm going out first!"

After speaking, he retreated quickly.

Neera blushed. Jean did not feel much better. He got up quickly with a rare embarrassment.

He did not attack Neera on purpose, but he had practiced vigilance since childhood. As soon as he sensed someone was approaching, he would react quickly to protect himself, but he did not expect to cause the following situation.

To break the somewhat ambiguous and frozen atmosphere, he cleared his throat and asked, "You just came back?"

Neera's cheeks were still hot. She did not make a sound but nodded.

Jean glanced at the time and realized it was already 1.30 am. He immediately frowned. "Why is it so late? Is the situation complicated?"

Neera's expression finally became normal.

"It's okay," She replied softly, then gave a general overview of tonight's situation.

Jean did not expect that so many things had happened.

"Is he alright?" Jean asked.

Neera rubbed her wrists and felt her skin still had Jean's warmth. The heat on her cheeks never faded.

She pretended calm and responded, "He's fine. The tumor is benign. If he removes it in time, it won't be life-threatening. I'll arrange his surgery in two days and care for him well. There will be no problem."


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