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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 253

Seeing that Sasha was not affected at all, Larry was relieved.

He worried that Sasha's mood would get affected and cause her to be in a bad state in her subsequent work.

As a result, Sasha's psychological quality was good. She did not take it seriously at all. But thinking about it, she had gotten questioned, criticized, slandered, and abused a few times at work. If she always got affected, she would go crazy.

Larry withdrew his thoughts and was about to consider his next plan.

At the same time, Ian suddenly called Larry. "Mr. Beauvort sent the lawyer from the headquarters for you. He should be there later. Get ready to receive him. Regarding Sasha's smearing incident, he'll be responsible for everything. You don't have any worries."

Larry was in shock. "Huh? Okay, thank you!"

After the call, he was still in a daze and could not recover.

Sasha was surprised by his reaction. "Mr. McDonagh, what's wrong with you?"

After a long while, Larry gulped and answered, "Mr. Beauvort sent the lawyer from the headquarters to deal with this matter!"

Hearing that, Sasha was also shocked. She did not expect Jean to be so generous. But after pondering, she thought it made sense.

She reacted faster and could not help but laugh. "That's why I said everything will be fine. You don't have to be so nervous."

Larry was full of suspicion. "Why don't you seem surprised at all? Did you know that Mr. Beauvort would make a move?"

Sasha nodded in agreement. "Yes, I guessed it! The relationship between Ms. Garcia and Mr. Beauvort is extraordinary. From asking me to endorse the product, arranging the shooting team, and advertising, Mr. Beauvort used top-notch teams! You should know this type of advertisement needs a long workflow. But when Ms. Garcia came, it took less than a week to complete it. We already finalized the commercial promotion. It's enough to show that Mr. Beauvort attaches great importance to this matter."

She analyzed clearly and logically. After Larry listened carefully, he thought that was indeed the case.

Sasha continued, "Now my reputation has been maliciously smeared. If we don't resolve it in time, it may affect Ms. Garcia's products. How can Mr. Beauvort stand by?"

Larry was enlightened. "You make a lot of sense. It seems that we were right in not neglecting Ms. Garcia..."

While the two were talking, there was a knock on the office door.

Larry's assistant walked in and reported, "Mr. McDonagh, Mr. Mitchell is here!"

Hearing that, Larry was dumbfounded again. Mr. Mitchell?

The Legal Department of the Beauvort Group headquarters had only one lawyer surnamed Mitchell. He was Windsor Mitchell, the head of the Legal Department and a well-known lawyer in Kingsview!

Larry did not expect that the person sent by Jean was Windsor Mitchell!

Letting the famous Windsor handle such a trivial matter was overqualified!

What is the relationship between Ms. Garcia and Mr. Beauvort? Mr. Beauvort favors her so much!

Larry had too many doubts, but with Windsor's help, they could settle the problem soon. It was a good thing for Sasha and the company.

Larry did not dare to delay and quickly received Windsor warmly. "Welcome, Mr. Mitchell! Please take a seat!"

While greeting Windsor, Larry ordered his assistant to make tea.

Windsor showed a businesslike attitude. "I don't need tea. Mr. Beauvort asked me to solve this matter as soon as possible. Let's start now."

Seeing that Windsor went straight to the point, Larry immediately said, "Okay, tell me what you want. I'll fully cooperate! "

"I need you to provide the evidence and the whole process of the matter."

"No problem."


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