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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 256

As the news buzzed across the internet, Kyra couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the headlines. The color drained from her face in an instant.

Who would've thought that the Beauvort Group would dispatch their top-tier legal ace from the legal department to handle such a trivial matter?

And as for why...

She was aware of the reasons!

Jean's actions were all for the sake of Neera!

Envy flared within her, almost driving her to madness.

Neera, what made her so special?

Just an insignificant woman with no status or standing, how was she deserving of such attention?

Seeing Kyra's expression, Sean quickly tried to soothe her.

"Don't let it get to you too much. Sasha is, after all, under the Beauvort Group's umbrella as an artist. It's natural for them to step in when she's in trouble. And really, it's just a minor matter. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. No need to dwell on it."

Then, he voiced his concerns and advised her further.

"For now, it might be best for you to lay off Sasha. We can't afford to provoke the Beauvort Group. Jean mustn't find out you're behind all this. Otherwise, who knows what consequences might follow? You've got a long way ahead of you, and is it worth risking that for someone as insignificant as Sasha? There's no rush."

That was sound advice indeed.

The relationship between the Beauvort family and the Marks family was still amicable. Kyra hoped to leverage that connection to gain entry into the Beauvort family's inner circle.

If this incident left a negative impression on Jean, it would be a costly mistake. She'd lose any chance of being with him in the future.

With these thoughts in mind, she reluctantly suppressed her anger and coldly instructed, "Jean might not let this slide easily. We need a scapegoat for this..."

By now, she had a suitable candidate in mind.

"Let's pin it on Yvonne!"

The rivalry between Yvonne and Sasha was no secret.

Yvonne had often publicly ridiculed Sasha's humble background, claiming her rise to prominence was nothing short of miraculous.

Moreover, their styles were similar, whether in advertisements, TV shows, or movie roles. They were competitors, and they had employed their fair share of underhanded tactics behind the scenes.

Rumors had it that next quarter, the two would be vying for the global endorsement of the renowned brand CN.

Given the circumstances, it was only fitting to direct some mudslinging Yvonne's way. It seemed unlikely to arouse suspicions.

Sean considered the situation and nodded, "I'll take care of this matter. You should steer clear, so as not to arouse any suspicions or reveal your hand."


Later that afternoon, under the mounting pressure, several other troll farm companies proactively reached out to Star Entertainment Media, humbly seeking clemency from the Beauvort Group.

Larry, however, remained unfazed by their pleas.

"You reap what you sow. You spread rumors, launch attacks, and tarnish our artists. Now you want to say a few kind words? The price for your actions is hardly that simple."

Having been in the industry for a while, the hidden meaning in his words wasn't lost on them.

"So... Mr. McDonagh, what do you want us to do to appease you? Just let us know, and we'll do our best!"

Larry sneered, "You're recognizing the situation now, but I don't want to waste words with you. My demand is simple: expose who paid you off, who orchestrated the smear campaign against Sasha. If you do that, I might consider letting you off the hook!"

Hearing this, no one dared to conceal the truth anymore. Soon, several companies pointed to the same name.

"It was Yvonne's boss behind the scenes who instructed us to do this. We were misled too, fed with what we thought was real information, only to end up as pawns. Mr. McDonagh, please spare us this time..."

Jean quickly received the message.

Since they had identified the mastermind, he no longer intended to dwell on the matter.

He promptly instructed Ian, "Make sure Larry handles this situation properly. Those who deserve punishment should be held accountable, no exceptions!"

Ian nodded in acknowledgment.

Following that, Jean sent a message to Neera, informing her of the developments.


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