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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 267

Sometime later, the bodyguard that Ian sent out on a mission returned.

"Sire, I deeply apologize for not being able to stop that car. It was clear that they were fully ready. They were able to shrug us off with a strategic maneuver when we were chasing after them."

Jean’s face darkened. He did not look very happy.

His opponent sent the Shadow to attack his computer. It was not far-fetched to imagine them attacking the company next.

There were countless sensitive pieces of information in the computer system of the company. If there was ever a breach of data, the company would sustain massive losses!

It seemed like the right move now was to consult Sammy even more.

Two days later, Neera’s cosmeceutical products were launched. The shop was finally open for business.

Neera sent the triplets to kindergarten early in the morning before heading to Beauvort World. She was going to participate in a ribbon-cutting ceremony that signified the opening ceremony.

Levi had everything in place. The venue was decorated carefully and meticulously.

There were already many attendees milling around by the time she arrived.

Last night, Sasha called her to inform Neera that she would make an appearance for free just for the opening ceremony.

Neera was elated to hear that she was volunteering.

Sasha enjoyed a strong reputation in the nation, and she was always the darling of the media. Besides members of the media, most of the attendees were Sasha’s fans.

The Beavort World was fully packed with people. It was a spectacular sight!

Levi was surprised to see how popular this event was, which was beyond his expectations. He quickly dispatched even more security personnel to ensure safety and order at the venue.

At nine, the host stepped onto a mini makeshift platform in front of the main door.

"I would like to thank everyone for attending the opening ceremony of Startales."

After a brief introduction, the host’s voice shot up a notch as she shouted, "Now, let us welcome Ms. Garcia, Mr. Wilkes, and also our distinguished guest and ambassador, Ms. Javer to take the stage!"

There was a huge round of applause that shook the whole place.

Neera and Levi took the stage first and they were joined by Sasha.

Sasha put a lot of thought into her attire. She wore a magnificent evening dress just for this event. As she gently held the tail of her dress and ascended the stairs to the stage, she displayed her best smile at her fans in front of the stage.

The fans went crazy when they saw Sasha’s magnetic smile, and the screams were so piercing it felt like the roof was going to come crashing down. The energy at the venue was unbelievable.

Sasha continued to smile at the crowd before putting a finger to her lips to jokingly ask for her fans to quiet down. Then, she stood next to Neera and hugged her.

"Ms. Garcia, we meet again."

Neera hugged her back with a broad smile on her face. She replied, "Yes, and you’re so pretty today. Everyone is amazed at you."

Sasha cocked her brows and replied with a chuckle, "The same could be said about you."

In fact, Sasha was not just taking care of formalities.

Although Neera was dressed in a modest office dress, it did not hide her charisma at all.

Neera was a beauty in her own right too, and she was exuding an immense aura that garnered everyone’s respect. One could even say that Neera stole the spotlight from Sasha!

The two of them were eye candy. The crowd could not remove their gaze from them at all.

The host knew what to say at this moment. He began to shower praise on Neera and Sasha’s looks.

Next, it was Neera’s turn to give a speech.

She stepped forward and began introducing the products that she was launching with a stable and enchanting voice.

"We are only able to witness the fruition of these cosmeceutical products after pouring in hard work for the past two years. We use herbs as part of our ingredients so that we can solve the problems that most people face: sensitive skin and acne. Our products completely change the game. They can provide the most effective solution to your…"

After her long-winded introduction, she giggled. "Also, I want to thank our beautiful Sasha for gracing our event. It is our pleasure to have her as the ambassador of our brand."

She was graceful yet meticulous when she gave her speech. Neera was really a breath of fresh air. Everyone was enchanted by her existence.

Given her background and position in the company, it was as if she was a queen today.

Some of the attendees could not help but gush over her.

"Ms. Garcia is really a show stealer. Not only is she pretty, but she is also so capable. I am her fan now!"

"She doesn’t put on a lot of make-up at all, yet her features are accentuated quite effectively. Her figure and her vibe are really something else!"

"If she wants to dabble in the entertainment industry, she would shoot all the way to the top."

When Neera was giving her speech, Jean and Ian were seated by the window on the second floor of a cafe. They were focusing their attention on the event that was ongoing down there.

Jean’s dark eyes were fixed in one direction, as Neera was all he could see. He could not look away from her at all…


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