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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 277

When Zachary heard her mother’s words, he leaned against the car seat lazily. She did not agree with her.

"Mom, you’re just overthinking this. I will never be serious toward Neera, so there is no way I would ever fall for her. Who does she think she is? She is not qualified to be with me in the first place."

He snorted arrogantly.

"As for Roxanne, the reason I chose to be together with her back then was all for the sake of our family. We can use her to further our agenda and gain more for ourselves. Of course, I have some feelings for her since we’ve been together for so long, but that woman is really too dumb. If it were not for her pretty face, I would have shrugged her off a long time ago. Even if we step into marriage, once we reach our goal, she and I can just get a divorce."

Zachary was really a scumbag for toying with a woman’s emotions. Yet, for some reason, Harley and Qaylah did not condemn him for what sounded like a disrespectful statement.

Qaylah let out a sigh of relief as she said proudly, "That’s the correct mindset to have. None of the girls from the Garcia family deserve a man like you."

Of course, Neera would not know that those from the Fain family harbored such thoughts. By the time she returned to her suite, Jean and the triplets were almost done with their food.

Neera lost her appetite after bumping into those disgusting people.

They got up to leave when the dinner was done, and when she was about to go home, Penny suggested. "Mommy, Uncle Jean, let’s take a walk out there! I heard that it’s good for our digestion!"

As she said that, she took the initiative to hold Jean’s hand. She was really adorable at the moment.

"Uncle Jean, are you tonight? If not, can you hold my hand while we take a walk?"

Jean held her hand and felt the softness of her palm. He could not bring himself to say no, so he agreed to take a stroll with Penny.


Neera hesitated a little, but she decided to say to Jean, "Actually, you don’t need to spoil them so much. If you have something you need to do, you can go home first."

Jean turned to look at her with his brows raised. He replied faintly, "I’ve settled my work for the day, so I don’t have anything I need to attend to when I get home. Let’s take a walk."

Neera did not object to this anymore since Jean had made it clear that he had time. They began walking.

Suddenly, her phone rang.

It was Adriana.

"Neera, I just watched the news. The launch of the new shop was a success, and the sales numbers were really amazing. Your performance far exceeds my expectations. I know that I can leave this to you. Thank you for your hard work."

Neera smiled brightly when she heard Adraina’s voice. Whenever she was with Adriana, she would behave like a daughter.

"Of course, I have to make sure that I didn’t mess up the task that you assigned me. I can’t disappoint you."

Adriana was really happy to hear that, but her tone suddenly shifted.

"One more thing. Your father finally knows of the existence of the ANXIN Group. He even called me today to ask me about it, but he didn’t gain anything from my side. I reckon that he would still be fuming right now, and he might find fault with you. You better watch out."

When Neera heard that this was about Alfonso, a disdainful expression surfaced on her face.

"In fact, I bumped into them in a restaurant just now. Roxanne had the nerve to tell me to my face that the ANXIN Group belongs to the Garcia family, and that I have nothing to do with it! She really thinks that the ANXIN Group will be hers one day."

Adriana never expected to learn this. She snickered coldly.

"That girl is really greedy. She even wants a piece of my company! Even if you are not my heir, I would rather pass this company down to anyone else, as long as Roxanne is not the inheritor! Why would she think that she had anything to do with the company? The same applies to the Garcia family. Every single penny that I invested in the company since establishing it was earned by me. It was all blood, sweat, and tears. Don’t listen to her!"

Of course, Neera knew that her aunt would say that.

"Of course, I told them the same thing... But I figure that they would try to stir up some trouble after I lashed back at them just now. After all, the ANXIN Group is really profitable nowadays. They won’t let this matter slide just like that."

Adriana did not seem to mind this one bit. "If I had the intention to help the Garcia family, I would have done so a long time ago. It won’t even come to this now! My assets and companies will always belong to me, regardless of the price of the stock. You are going to inherit everything that you deserve. Not even your grandpa and grandma can take anything from you!"

Adriana sounded heartless.

She would not change her stance. Her brother, Alfonso, had been too cruel to his daughter. That was the last straw for Adriana.

Over the years, Adriana had always seen Neera as her daughter. They were able to forge a strong bond after so many years.

The two of them continued to chat merrily. Neera did not notice that the traffic light had turned red. She was still walking.

Suddenly, a car careened toward her. The driver was honking at her furiously.


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