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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 291

Chapter 291 Get Married to Mr Beauvort

Neera subconsciously inhaled lightly after she heard what Penny said. It was true… She glanced at Jean playfully.


Jean sniffed himself and he frowned.

“There is a party tonight. It was crowded. I think someone accidentally stained it on me.”

lan was amused when he saw Jean being caught in the act. He stepped up to testify for Jean. “Ms. Garcia, don’t misunderstand. Not a finger had touched the sire. The females stayed a few feet away from him.”

Neera was not bothered about it. After hearing lan say that she felt a little funny. Why was he worried that I would misunderstand? It was just a contractual marriage between us. We don’t have feelings for each other. I’m not bothered about it. I know that Jean was not someone who would fool around with women.

The triplets sighed in relief. Daddy could only have one woman, which is Mommy!

Penny suggested cutely, “This perfume smells so pungent and strong. It doesn’t smell good at all. It’s harmful to the body. Uncle Jean, you have to stay away next time. You haven’t recovered yet, it’s not good to smell it!”

Jean was amused. “Okay. Got it.”

lan smirked. Larry’s decision? It was your decision. You’re doing quite well at doting someone. Any woman would want to marry you.


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