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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 296

They arrived at Beauvort World shortly.

Jean went to the store Ian mentioned and chose the dolls.

In the end, he chose three limited edition teddy bears in white, purple, and blue. A hundred thousand dollars each.

Jean thought of the triplets when he saw the bears. Although he only promised Penny, he didn't leave out Harvey and Sammy.

When he was about to pay, the staff told him apologetically, "Sorry, these three bears have been reserved by other customers in advance."

Ian frowned. "Since it is already being pre-ordered, why did you display it?"

Although the staff didn't know them, they could tell that Jean and Ian were not ordinary people. They could only apologize again.

Jean asked calmly, "Can you contact the buyer? Tell them that I can pay them double for the bears."

Just as he finished speaking, a familiar voice was heard.

"I am the one who pre-ordered these three bears."

Jean and Ian turned around and saw Kyra.

"It's you."

"What a coincidence." Kyra stepped forward with a smile on her face.

She was recently in a bad mood because her role in the movie was robbed and Jean refused to help her get it back. It was rare for her to be in the mood to go shopping with her girlfriends. She took the chance to pick up the bears she had ordered in advance.

Kyra didn't expect to meet Jean here. Although she still had some resentment, she still liked him.

She smiled. "I didn't expect that you would buy dolls at a toy store. It doesn't look like your thing to do that. Are you buying them as a gift?"


"But now, they have been reserved by me, what should I do? Have dinner with me tonight and I'll let you have them. How is it?”

"No, I’ll pay double for them."

Kyra wasn’t surprised at being rejected by Jean but she didn't intend to let this opportunity go.

She pretended to be upset, "But I've waited for it for a long time and it finally arrived now. You can't make me give it up easily like this. After all, we have been friends for such a long time. What can you do for me?”

Ignoring her expectations, Jean said, "I’ll pay triple!"

Kyra felt a little uncomfortable with his tone of voice.

“Jean…” she called him softly. "You should know, I'm not short of money. I’m not blaming you for refusing to help me with the movie but I still feel a little sad. I can give you these bears but you’re not giving me anything in return. It hurts me…”

She hoped that Jean would give in to her.


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