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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 301

Chapter 300 Exchanging Wedding Rings


The manager responded to Neera politely. “Yes, a pair just arrived by air yesterday! Please wait for me in the VIP room. I’ll get it now.”


They nodded and entered the VIP room together with the triplets.

After waiting for a few minutes, the store manager came back with a small safe.

There was a delicate red velvet box inside.

“Mr. and Mrs. Beauvort. This pair is called ‘Eternal Star‘. It has been under the spotlight since it was designed. I didn’t have the time to display it. You were the first to see it!”

Hearing this, Neera was a little surprised. This was a coincidence, the jewelry brand she owns, called Eternal


Jean seemed to have thought of this and glanced at Neera. “It’s a coincidence, huh?”

“Yes…” Neera laughed while looking at the pair of rings. The design was very beautiful–and unique. The diamond was perfectly cut.

However, the diamonds on the women’s ring were big, one could see that it weighed several carats at a glance.

“Wearing this on weekdays is definitely inconvenient,” Neera said. It was troublesome for her as she had to handle documents and treat her patients during work.

“Mommy, you don’t have to wear it on weekdays. You can wear it when you visit the elders or during some important occasions,” the triplets suggested.

Neera hesitated..


Jean agreed, “The kids are right. It’s not necessary to wear it daily. You can just wear it when necessary.” He was the one who intended to wear it every day.


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