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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 307

Chapter 307 Show Me Where You Got Hurt

Upon exiting the emergency room, Neera’s complexion was notably pallid, mirroring her somber mood.

Sensing Neera’s turmoil, Isabella was quick to console her, fearing that the shameless antics of the Garcia family. might infuriate her further. “Neera, don’t let it get to you. Roxanne did this to herself, you shouldn’t blame yourself.”

Neera appreciated Isabella’s empathetic gesture, she smiled as she nodded. “Yeah, alright.”

Recognizing Neera’s subdued demeanor, Isabella deftly changed the topic. “Let’s not dwell on them… how’s your injury? Standing for such a prolonged period must have been painful.”

“It’s not a big deal,” Neera attempted to dismiss it, shaking her head. “I’m just a little tired. I really should head back.”

Isabella nodded in agreement, assuring, “Please rest. I’ve taken care of everything here, so leave the rest to me.”

Soon, Isabella arranged for a driver to take Neera back home.

Once at home, Neera called Katy.

“Katy, are you free tonight? Could you pick up the triplets and take them out for dinner?”

Katy readily agreed, her tone laced with concern, “Of course, no problem. But what about you? Aren’t you joining us for dinner? Your voice sounds a bit strained. Is everything okay?”

Neera managed a faint smile, “It’s nothing serious, I was done with surgery. I’m quite exhausted, so I’d like to rest for a while. I’m afraid if I fall asleep, I won’t wake up in time to pick them up.”

Katy was well aware of Neera’s routine after performing surgery. She tended to sleep for an extended period

without disturbance.

As evening fell, Katy fulfilled her promise and arrived to pick up the triplets.

The triplets greeted her with gleeful enthusiasm, quickly hopping into the car and obediently following her


Observing the scene where the triplets obediently followed Katy, the bodyguard assigned to protect them swiftly reported the situation to Jean.

wed up

Jean, engrossed in his work at the company, furrowed his brows upon hearing the report, his mind filled with. uncertainty.

“The triplets are smart. They followed and trusted the woman. She doesn’t appear to be suspicious. Please watch over them in secret and don’t disturb them.”


The bodyguard acknowledged Jean’s instructions promptly before ending the call.

Afterward, Jean was confused about what Neera was planning.

What is she up to?

How could she let someone else pick up the kids?

“Where are you?Jean asked with a deep voice.

Her thoughts were sluggish and responded wearily. “I’m at home.


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