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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 348

Chapter 348 Was It So Exciting?
Neera actually heard his cold tone, hesitated for a while, but still couldn’t help asking.
“Why do I sense that you are not too happy?”
She stared at him for a few seconds, and pursed her lips, “Or, did you really drink alcohol? I wanted to ask just now, your body cannot take alcohol, and I told you before, why… Did you break it today?”
While speaking, she cautiously moved closer and sniffed the man.
“I can’t smell alcohol?”
She muttered suspiciously, and found that he only had a faint scent of perfume, which was fresh and cold, but it smelled very good, and it matched him very well.
Jean didn’t expect that she would come over suddenly, and he froze instantly.
He immediately forgot the unhappiness in his heart just now, and lowered his eyes to stare at Neera.
The little woman’s black eyelashes cast a faint shadow under her eyes… Her delicate face was demure and dainty, and it was so close to his.
His eyes suddenly became dark and unpredictable!
Neera didn’t notice that, and she was puzzled.
Was her nose no longer sensitive, or what was going on?
“Why don’t you smell like alcohol?”
She raised her eyes suspiciously, about to look at him.
When she raised her eyes, she met the man’s gaze.
At this moment, the distance between the two of them was very close, so near that they could feel each other’s
Neera was stunned for a moment, and later realized that the two were too close, and subconsciously got up and moved away.
At this moment, lan, who was in front of her, didn’t know what happened, and suddenly slammed the brakes!
Out of inertia, Neera leaned forward hastily.
From this angle, it was difficult for her to control her body, and she would definitely fall.
Jean’s eyes were fixed, his eyes were sharp and his hands were quick, and he hugged her back…
Before Neera had time to react, she felt a strong arm pinned to her waist.
She was dragged back uncontrollably.
Immediately afterwards, the entire upper body was lying on Jean’s lap.
Then… In an extremely awkward posture, her face… Was facing the wrong position!
11:57 Tue, 5 Sept ti
She clutched the back of her head and grunted in pain, wishing she could jump out of the car immediately.
So embarrassing!
Jean was also a little awkward, he pursed his thin lips slightly, and closed his legs together, at the same time, he threw a cold glance at lan.
He muttered two words between his gritted teeth, which was so cold that it made people feel chills down the spine.
lan was so frightened that he almost bit off his tongue, and replied tremblingly, “Yes.”
Then, he turned around and sat upright to drive.
He felt… He might not survive tonight!
He had to do something to make up for his mistake just now!
Soon, an idea popped into his head to raise the partition of the rear seat.
In this way, the embarrassing atmosphere just now could be avoided!
Jean, “…”

Seeing that the closed space became even smaller, only she and Jean were left, she wished she could pull lan over and knock him on his skull.
Please, she was even more embarrassed, okay?
The atmosphere became more and more awkward, she blushed, almost buried her face in her chest, and didn’t
dare to look at Jean at all.
Jean calmed down quickly, suppressed the rising anger, and looked sideways at the little woman beside him.
Neera happened to peek over at this moment, met his gaze, and immediately shrank back in fright.
Jean could not help but find her being a little funny.
He thought that no matter how, he was the one being taken advantage of, so he was at a disadvantage, right?
Why was this little woman’s reaction bigger than his?
Jean pursed his lips, shook his head slightly, didn’t care about anything, just asked in a low voice, “Is your head okay?”
Just now, he could hear the loud ‘bang’ clearly, and he didn’t know what happened.
Neera’s head was a mess. Hearing this, she replied vaguely, “I am… I am okay.”
As she said that, she touched the back of her head again, and added, “It’s just a swelling…”





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