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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 356

Chapter 356 Who Says I Can’t Handle It?
Heat flushed across her cheeks, and a searing sensation spread to the roots of her ears.
Struggling to steady her racing thoughts, she feigned composure and asked, “What’s wrong?”
Jean nestled his chin against her shoulder, his lips tantalizingly close to her ear. He exhaled softly against the curve of her ear, and murmured, “I’m a bit tired, I can’t walk.”
His brows knit slightly as he asked, “It feels like this time, compared to the previous times, I’ve used up more
An itch tickled Neera’s ears, and she battled the urge to scratch them. Responding with a measured tone, she remarked, “This must have something to do with your poor health, plus, you haven’t been sick lately. You must’ve increased your workload, did you?”
Jean could not defend himself.
I did!
It’s been quite… reckless for me!
Neera was silent, acknowledging that her assumption was correct, yet she could not help but feel a touch of dissatisfaction. “You’re facing the consequences of your actions. You’re suffering twice as much now and brought it upon yourself!”
Witnessing her abrupt irritation, Jean arched an eyebrow, not only calm but appreciative.
His throat bobbed, a suppressed chuckle escaping before he suggested, “Help me back to the bed and call lan for help too.”
He was heavy and was afraid that Neera could not pick him up.
Neera shared the same concern, and with all her might, maneuvered him back onto the bed.
However, Jean’s weight proved overwhelming, even with her support. Despite her efforts, his inertia caused him to slip back down as soon as she managed to raise him.
In the next heartbeat, her lips met Jean’s collarbone…
The solid, firm, and warm contact left her momentarily stunned.
A composed gaze swiftly replaced Jean’s initial surprise. He studied her intently and said in a meaningful tone, “Ms. Garcia, I noticed that you like taking advantage of situations whenever you’re treating me. I don’t remember such a thing in the previous contract, right?”
He made it clear that he was teasing her on purpose.
Neera, however, resembled a startled cat, her demeanor bristling as she bounced off of him. Flustered, she shot back, “You… stop talking nonsense! It’s always been accidental, right? Don’t make it sound like I’m that kind of person!”
Jean’s smile deepened as he countered, “You do seem rather thirsty!”
Neera’s cheeks burned with shame, an urgency to clarify pushing her to blurt out, “Shut up! I’m not! And even if I were, I wouldn’t dare act on it, especially not on a patient like you! I mean, look at you now. Who knows if you’re up for it?”
Jean’s eyes darkened dangerously, his voice a low rumble, “Are you saying that I can’t handle it?”
Neera’s agitation surged through her, her words escaping before she understood what she said. Mortified, she wished she could slap herself.
What did I just say?
How embarrassing!
Yet the words were out, irrevocable, and she had no choice but to plow ahead, swallowing her pride, “I… I mean, it’s just the truth. You’re hardly in any state to even walk right now, are you?”
With that, she turned and fled without looking back, the embarrassment too much to bear.
Observing her dart away like a startled rabbit, Jean’s laughter mingled with a tinge of exasperation.
If circumstances were different, he would show her how capable he was!
After Neera left the room, he promptly called for lan.
“Jean is weak at the moment. You should help him bathe, I’m heading back now!”
With that, she sped off without waiting for lan’s response.
After settling her triplets into slumber, Neera returned to the scene.
By now, Jean was asleep.
Upon seeing Neera coming back, lan displayed a hint of surprise, “Ms. Garcia, why are you back?”
Neera offered a straightforward explanation, “Given Jean’s weakened state, unexpected situations might happen during the night, and you might not be able to handle it.”
lan expressed his gratitude as he said, “Thank you, Ms. Garcia, for being concerned for Jean. Your dedication is much appreciated. Please don’t hesitate to tell me if something happens.”
Neera nodded, then added, “Oh yeah, could I trouble you to arrange for someone to check on my triplets? Specifically, Penny. She sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night to look for me. I’m afraid that if she can’t find me, she might become frightened.”
lan readily agreed, “Of course, I’ll send someone over immediately. Ms. Garcia, please don’t worry!”








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