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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 372

Chapter 372 He’s Too Seductive
Neera listened to the whole process. She could not help but blush.
Although Jean did not say anything too ambiguous, he defended her, and his overbearing meaning of declaring sovereignty made her heart beat faster.
At that moment, she almost had the illusion that she was Jean’s real wife. That was why he protected her desperately from anyone to bully her.
Fortunately, she had always been rational and calm, so she quickly returned to her senses and straightened her mind. She was thinking nonsense. They were only a sham marriage.
Even if Jean helped her, it was out of a contractual relationship. It had nothing to do with feelings.
Neera reminded herself to calm down, and the heat on her face subsided a little.
After calming down, she could not help but sigh.
Jean was too seductive. Even though she had long been indifferent to emotional matters, she almost could not control her feelings.
She concealed her expression, then asked, “Sonny is vindictive. Will it be counterproductive if you provoke him?”
Even if there were still a gap between the Crimea Group and the Beauvort Group, it would be trouble for the Beauvort Group if Sonny got angry and initiated a confrontation regardless of the consequences.
Jean knew what Neera was thinking, and his eyes were calm.
“It doesn’t matter what he does. What I said is true. If he dares to mess around again, I don’t mind making Crimea Group pay for his stu pidity.”
Seeing that he was not joking, Neera was speechless for a long while before giving a thumbs up sincerely. “You’re amazing!”
In Kingsview, only the Beauvort Group had the confidence to say such crazy words.
She also believed that Jean was fearless. No matter how difficult things were, they were trivial things for him.
Jean smiled, accepted her compliment readily, and changed the topic.
“Okay, the contract has been signed. I have nothing else to do here. You can go back and rest. After your injury heals, go to the mansion with me.”
He did not say what to do when returning to the mansion, but Neera understood immediately. She had broken an appointment with Jean’s family. No matter what the reason was, it was impolite. She should go back as an apology.
Next, Neera recuperated at home for two days and finally recovered completely. Early on Friday morning, she went to the company and made an appointment with Jean to return to the mansion for dinner together in the evening.
However, when she was about to leave work, Adriana, who was supposed to be abroad, appeared in her office with her suitcase!
“Aunt Adriana?” Neera was extremely surprised and stepped forward immediately. “Why are you back? Why didn’t you tell me in advance? I can pick you up at the airport!”
Adriana wore simple casual clothes but could not hide her elegant and noble temperament. She pushed the suitcase aside, withdrew her sunglasses, and revealed her beautiful face.
Although Adriana was in her forties, she was well-maintained with fair skin and attractive facial features. Her young appearance and age-reducing outfit made her look extraordinarily young with mature charm.
Adriana first looked at Neera carefully and then glared at Neera.
“I heard you were in a car accident, so I rushed back early. I told you before. Be careful on the road! Why were you still so careless? I’m so worried! Let me take another look. Are you okay?”
Adriana should have just gotten off the plane. When Neera thought that Adriana returned hurriedly because of her, she felt her heart warm.
She took Adriana’s hand and smiled. “Don’t worry. I’m fine. Didn’t I stand right in front of you?”
After confirming that Neera was safe, Adriana breathed a sigh of relief.
“It’s good you’re fine, or what should I and the triplets do? No matter what, you must be careful and can’t be so careless again. Understand?”
Neera did not dare to tell Adriana the truth about the car accident.
If Adriana learned the truth, she would get angry and might even confront the Crimea Group headed on, so Neera hid it.
Neera cleverly changed the topic. “Aunt Adriana, does the Garcia family know about your return?”


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