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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 381

Chapter 381 Disadvantageous Situation
Joanna had been paying attention to Neera’s reaction and continued, “Ms. Garcia, it seems you have also discovered the problem. The conflict of medicines will cause various situations. Your medical skills are good. You must know better than anyone else!”
She blatantly held Neera to account.
Then, Joanna looked at Wrenn again. “Madam, I don’t know why Ms. Garcia gave you that medicine. But your condition became worse is entirely Ms. Garcia’s fault. No matter how she quibbles, she can’t escape her responsibility!”
After hearing that, Wrenn became gloomy. She forced herself to sit up and asked Neera sharply, “You didn’t come to see me back then. How dare you prescribe medicine for me?”
Frederic, who had always been kind to Neera, could not help but doubt her now. “Neera, how do you explain it?”
Faced with the questioning, Neera looked a little unhappy.
Prescribing the medicine for Wrenn was out of her good intentions. She only wanted to make Wrenn’s body recover faster and make Jean less worried.
As a result, her kindness put her in a disadvantageous situation. She should not meddle in their business!
Being questioned like a prisoner, Neera felt uncomfortable and explained calmly. “At that time, I asked Jean about the specific condition of your body and specially prescribed medicine for you. Even if the medicine I prescribed caused conflicts, it’s impossible to trigger such complex toxins. I have a clear conscience. I’m not afraid of any scrutiny. Ms. Bridges, you keep accusing me, but you should be the one who knows the inside story.”
Joanna froze, frowned, and scolded, “What nonsense are you talking about? How do I know the inside story?”
Neera stared at Joanna sharply. “You repeatedly said that the properties of the medicines are conflicting, but it’s your one-sided statement! Your analysis sheet didn’t clearly state what medicine you prescribed!”
Neera was calm and grasped the strangeness of this matter. “Do you dare to tell me what kind of medicine you prescribed? Whether it’s a conflict isn’t up to you. I have to know it too! If it’s my problem, I’ll admit it and be responsible. Since you were Mom’s attending doctor, didn’t you check whether there was any problem before Mom took the medicine?”
Neera pointed out the problem. “You should understand the nature of cold medicines. How could you not see whether our prescriptions had conflicts? If you have seen it, why did you give it to Mom?”
Neera’s questions were so sharp that Joanna was stunned and overwhelmed.
She did not expect Neera to be more difficult to deal with than she imagined!
Jean’s expression darkened, and he looked at Joanna lightly. “What Neera said makes sense.”
Frederic and Wrenn also looked at Joanna suspiciously.
Joanna panicked. If she said that she did not see the conflict of medicine, it would be admitting that she was not good at basic pharmacology.
However, if she said she saw it, it would be tantamount to admitting that she was the one who wanted to poison Wrenn! Every answer to this question was wrong!
She glared at Joanna coldly. “Can’t you answer it? If so, you can think about it slowly.”
Then, she looked at Wrenn. “Mom, the most urgent thing now is to cure your body, so I hope you can let me check on you. If there’s a problem, I’ll try to cure you.”
Check on Madam? She can’t do that!
Joanna gritted her teeth and quickly refused Neera, “You can’t!”
Neera’s eyes were stern. “Why not? Ms. Bridges, you stopped me in every possible way. Are you guilty or have other intentions?”
Joanna was so flustered that she could not care about other things and slandered Neera unreasonably, “Neera, don’t make sophistry! You must have planned to slander me a long time ago! You said you didn’t know the medicine I prescribed for Madam, but you returned to the mansion last time. Didn’t you see the medicine?”
Neera scoffed coldly. “You started to speak nonsense.”
“You’re the one who is making nonsense! This is your purpose, right? You know that Madam isn’t satisfied with you, so you intentionally play tricks, harm Madam, and take advantage of Madam’s critical illness to show off your medical skills to please Madam!”
Hearing her nonsense, Neera sneered. “You’re the one who has such thoughts.”
Joanna ignored Neera’s words and continued, “Am I wrong? The Beauvort family is the No. 1 wealthy family in Kingsview. You were lucky enough to marry Mr. Beauvort. Seeing that Madam has opinions on you, you made this plan to stabilize your position! Especially since you have a bad reputation and have given birth to three children! Which man wants you?”
Her last words were full of sinister meanings.
Jean’s expression suddenly darkened. He showed a hint of hostility and glared at Joanna.
Frederic and Wrenn froze and were shocked.
“What does that mean? You mean Neera had three children?”
“Joanna! Are you telling the truth?”
Joanna shuddered at Jean’s glare. But after hearing Frederic and Wrenn’s astonished questioning, she calmed down again.
She already wondered how Frederic and Wrenn agreed to let Neera marry Jean.
Even if it was a warding-off wedding, Neera still had three children. How could such a woman be worthy of Jean?
After observing it, she guessed that maybe Frederic and Wrenn did not know Neera had three children! So just now, to divert everyone’s attention, she deliberately revealed this matter. Even if Jean got angry about it, she did not care.
Her chance would come if Neera got kicked out from the Beauvort family! Judging from the reactions of Frederic and Wrenn, she won the bet!
Joanna secretly felt happy and immediately responded, “Of course, it’s true! Back then, Neera was ruined and went abroad to give birth to three children. I thought you knew about this! I didn’t expect you knew nothing!”




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