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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 392

Before Jean could react, Joanna came in from the outside.

She heard what Kyra said and smiled sarcastically at Kyra.

"Ms. Marks, I know you're kind, but you're not a doctor, so you can't do much here. I can take care of Madam. Besides, this is a VIP ward. Only a few people can come here to visit Madam every day. Only family members can stay here for a long time. Outsiders shouldn't stay here. It's the hospital's regulation. It's also good for Madam to recuperate."

Joanna acted like she was thinking of Wrenn wholeheartedly. But Kyra could understand that Joanna was mocking her as an outsider. And Joanna might be closer to the Beauvort family as a doctor!

Kyra's expression darkened, and she sensitively saw a smug look in Joanna's eyes. But she always disdained to compete with Joanna, so she did not refute.

"Okay, we'll go first. We'll visit Aunt Wrenn tomorrow."

After speaking, Kyra left with Dandy. After coming out of the hospital, she looked thoughtful.

Dandy wondered and asked, "What are you thinking about?"

Kyra looked at Dandy and said thoughtfully, "I always think that Aunt Wrenn's illness is weird."

Dandy did not think much and snorted. "Isn't it Neera who wants to kill Wrenn? It's just that she didn't expect her plot to get revealed. She deserves it!"

Kyra did not think so. "I've met Neera a few times. Although I hate her, I feel that she's not vicious. She wouldn't poison Aunt Wrenn, but Joanna..."

A flash of light flashed across Kyra's eyes. She felt that she had glimpsed the truth.

"Mom, now only Joanna stays with Aunt Wrenn. No matter how we look, she's the beneficiary. There must be something wrong with this matter."

When Kyra said that, Dandy also began to feel something was wrong. "You mean Joanna poisoned Wrenn and deliberately blamed Neera?"

Kyra smiled meaningfully.

"I thought so. Joanna wanted to be Jean's wife but was cut off halfway by Neera. Neera also has medical skills and can improve Jean's health. Joanna's only skill became inconspicuous. So it must be more difficult to attract Jean. How could she hold back when she was about to lose her chance? She can only choose to use Aunt Wrenn!"

Dandy had never taken Joanna seriously. She frowned after hearing Kyra's words. "How can Joanna have such deep scheming?"

Kyra sneered. "Some people can use all means to achieve their purposes. Her method was insidious, but she achieved her goal!"

"Ah? Then what should we do?" Dandy suddenly became nervous. "What if Wrenn prefers Joanna because of this matter and wants to match her and Jean?"

Kyra did not take it seriously and raised her eyebrows nonchalantly.

"Don't worry. I'll ask someone to investigate Joanna. There must be something wrong with her. When I report her in front of Aunt Wrenn, her efforts will be in vain. As for Neera, she has no chance! After this incident, Aunt Wrenn will hate her even more. Do you forget it? She has three children! How can someone as proud as Jean be willing to raise children for others? The Beauvorts have a strict family style and will never allow such a woman to join them, let alone accept Neera's children! They'll divorce sooner or later."

Upon hearing that, Dandy was overjoyed and relieved. "In this case, you have another chance!"

"Of course, Jean and I have known each other since childhood. We are childhood sweethearts, so we are well-matched. Jean can only be mine!"

Kyra looked determined to win, and her smile became more complacent.


A few people had their bad ideas, while Neera slept soundly all morning.

At noon, she woke up from hunger. She got up to eat the meal, then received a message from Jean about Wrenn's symptoms and condition.

Jean was careful. In addition to conveying the text, he took a photo of Wrenn's medical report and sent it to Neera.


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