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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 405

Adriana was furious after hearing the story.

"They had gone too far! You're also from the Garcia family. They shouldn't use you even if you're not close to them! How could they be so shameless? Isn't the sin they committed a few years ago not enough? They caused you to lose your reputation and get ridiculed by everyone in Kingsview! Now they forced you to marry into the Beauvort family! You must feel wronged!"

Seeing Adriana getting emotional, Neera quickly took her hand and comforted her softly.

"Aunt Adriana, don't get angry. Although the Beauvort family is a wealthy family with many rules, Jean's parents are reasonable. Jean and I are in a contract marriage, so I rarely go to his house. I won't suffer any grievances. "

Adriana frowned. "Even if the Beauvort family wouldn't embarrass you, the Garcia family's actions are chilling. I feel sorry for you for getting bullied. If I knew it would happen, I shouldn't have let you return alone!"

Neera was also angry earlier, but now she did not care about it.

"Aunt Adriana, it doesn't matter. The Garcia family isn't my family. It's not worth being angry with them. As for being forced to marry Jean, I don't feel any loss. Although Jean suffers from a chronic illness, he can heal. He's not as cruel as rumored. Jean respects me very much. Knowing I got forced to marry, he sent me the promised sky-high betrothal gift. He also helped me a lot with work. The high-end shopping mall our brand entered for the first time belonged to Beauvort Group. Beauvort Group also took care of our post-advertisement production and publicity."

Adriana know that the company's affairs were related to the Beauvort family. But she still had doubts about Jean's character. "Really?"

"Yes! In our current situation, apart from the occasional need to pretend to be a couple in the outside world, I don't need to fulfill any responsibilities and obligations. We're only partners in private."

Adriana's anger subsided a little. "The Beauvort family made a big deal. 1.3 billion isn't a small amount. But Jean can give it to you in full. It seemed he didn't despise you because of the Garcia family's shamelessness."

Then, she frowned again and changed the topic. "But this marriage is a bit outrageous, including the contract proposed by Jean! It's nonsense!"

Neera could see that Adriana was very dissatisfied with Jean's proposal. She knew that although Adriana had never been married, in Adriana's view, marriage was sacred and could not be bound by a contract.

However, it did not matter to Neera. Anyway, she did not think about who else to marry in this life. She felt satisfied with the triplets.

"Aunt Adriana, Jean is also good. He takes good care of the triplets. I won't suffer even if it's a contract, so don't worry."

Adriana reluctantly nodded. After silence, she said, "Since you said he's good, bring him to meet me later. I want to know him. I even wonder why he doesn't like my excellent niece!"

Neera suddenly felt a little funny and thought that Adriana sometimes had a childish temper.

She smiled and said softly, "Okay, I'll ask him out when we have time."

After they chatted for a while, Adriana could not bear Neera being too tired, so she let Neera go back to sleep.


At the same time, after Jean took a shower, Ian returned.

"Sir, the police have already imprisoned Joanna. The evidence provided is sufficient. Joanna won't be able to come out in ten years."

Jean sat on the bed and snorted coldly. "She was suspected of intentionally killing my mom and trying to frame Neera. Ten years isn't enough! Let Kennard Garrett deal with this matter!"

Kennard was one of the top lawyers under the Beauvort Group. Since Jean wanted Kennard to handle this matter, Joanna would be in prison for the rest of her life.

Ian responded to Jean and silently mourned for Joanna in his heart.


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