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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 419

Neera cracked into laughter.

In all of Kingsview, Aunt Adriana is the only person who considers the Beauvorts to have taken advantage of me when I married into their family. Others consider Jean above my league.

"By the way," Adriana asked. "Since you two are in a contractual marriage, it would come to an end one day, right? Have you guys agreed on that?"

Neera was dumbfounded. A gloom flashed through her eyes, and she replied, "We've agreed that once I completely cure him, our marriage...will end."

For some reason, she felt a hollowness in her heart, when she said this out loud.

Adriana didn't notice something was off with Neera.

She just nodded in relief and said, "That's nice."

"Considering your expertise in medicine, I believe you have the confidence to make a stand when needed. If you ever feel mistreated by his family and decide it's not for you, you have the strength to get divorce and walk away. We won't put up with their nonsense! My niece is truly one-of-a-kind. You'll surely meet someone better in the future."


Neera curled her fingers when she heard this word. The pressure from her nails dug into her palm, causing a slight sting.

She wanted to discontinue this topic, so she nonchalantly agreed and changed the subject.

"How was your visit to the Garcia residence today? Did they give you a hard time?"

When she brought this up, Adriana let out a sarcastic smile.

She explained, "Well, they didn't give me a hard time, but they brought up the same topic. They want my company to merge with theirs. I never agree with that."

Their reaction was in line with Neera's expectations, but...

"They just let you leave and didn't make things difficult for you?"

The Garcias would never give up until they achieved their goal. Could they give up easily before they get what they want?

"Of course they refused to let me leave, but I had made up my mind, and they couldn't stop me."


"I know they won't give up. They might pull other tricks later, but it's okay. Let them try, I'll deal with the problem one at a time. I'll never agree with this."

Adriana was firm. She held Neera's hand, and her eyes were overwhelmed with warmth and resoluteness.

"My company can only be yours. Over the years, you have been with me, helping me grow the company. ANXIN Group's achievements today are largely due to your efforts. You're the only heir. Don't worry, I won't let anyone take away what belongs to you."

The Garcias are heavily indebted to Neera. I'm her aunt, how could I bear to see her suffer?

Touched, Neera couldn't help but lean her head on her shoulder.

"Aunt Adriana, how could you be so nice to me?"

"Silly child..."

Adriana chuckled, and they snuggled up to each other.

The triplets rushed over at this time.

"Grandaunt, we too wish to cuddle!"

Adriana felt her heart melt. She said, "Oh my! Come here, sweethearts. I'll let you three curl up here!"

Watching this scene, Neera chuckled and embraced the triplets.

How wonderful would it be if our family could always be together?

Later, since Neera needed rest and had to check on Wrenn the following morning, Adriana left with the triplets and headed home.

Neera was left to rest in the hospital ward all by herself.


Wrenn had woken up in the neighboring room.

When she first opened her eyes, she stared blankly at the ceiling for a long time, not realizing that she was fine.

"Wrenn, you're awake. How do you feel? Did you feel any discomfort?" Frederic questioned with evident concern, as he stood next to her bed, his eyes filled with worry.

Wrenn propped herself up and murmured, "I... I'm still alive? What happened?"

The last scene she remembered was of Joanna being dragged away. She thought she was going to die.

Frederic sighed and briefly filled her in on the events after she passed out.

Wrenn scowled as she listened.

Later, she glanced at Jean, struggling to speak.

Jean took the initiative and uttered, "Mom, we owe Neera a big time. She had worked tirelessly for days to develop the antidote for you."

Wrenn's expression turned awkward.

"There is no need for you to defend her. Yes, I'm thankful for her medical assistance. I was mistaken to be influenced by Joanna and wrongly accused her. But this doesn't change the situation between you two. She might have saved me, but I still can't accept her as my daughter-in-law!"


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