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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 429

As Zachary's thoughts deepened, his anxiety heightened. His hands clutched the steering wheel so tightly that the veins on the back of his hand were bulging.

He no longer felt like a normal man; it was a great disgrace to him for being impotent.

Recently, he'd been concealing his true emotions, ensuring no one saw a hint of his turmoil.

Yet, when confronted by Roxanne, he couldn't even offer an explanation.

He wished he could just toss her out of the car, wishing she could vanish from his view.

But even in his anger, a sliver of reason remained. He hoped to connect with the ANXIN Group through Roxanne.

Trying to control his thundering rage, he coaxed, "What sort of nonsense are you talking about? Don't you believe in my love for you? You're the only one I think about; there's no one else. You know how busy my work has been."

Her eyes turned red, and she felt wronged.

She protested, "Lately, you've been distancing yourself from me. How can I know if you're being honest with me? You sweet-talk me, yet you won't let me stay at your house. How do you expect me to trust you?"

The constant complaints gave Zachary a splitting headache. His temples throbbed with rage.

He clenched his teeth and finally gave in.

"When did I ever refuse you? Fine, if you don't trust me. I'll take you there now!"

Upon hearing this, Roxanne's spirits lifted. She said, "Why don't you just agree with me in the first place? I wouldn't have imagined things if you said so."

In no time, they were at Zachary's residence.

The moment they stepped inside, she quickly pulled him close, tightly embracing him.

Even though he was irritated, Zachary played along.

Their passionate kiss came to an abrupt halt when they were in the moment.

With a seductive gaze, Roxanne questioned, "Why did you stop?"

Zachary gently patted her face and remarked, "Even if we're caught up in the moment, we should head to the bedroom. I'm not comfortable with the living room."

Roxanne, trusting him, obliged.

As she made her way to the bedroom, Zachary discreetly took a pill from a drawer.

When he swallowed it, a sinister expression crossed his face. He grinded his teeth in rage, as though he were ready to consume someone.

He silently cursed Neera, vowing revenge.

He fantasized about the day, about the moment he'd have her at his mercy, ensuring she'd experience a torment worse than death.


Meanwhile, a family of five had wrapped up their evening after watching that performance.

When they exited the venue, she felt a chill and sneezed.

Noticing her reaction, Jean inquired, "What's wrong? Did you catch a cold?"

"No big deal."

Neera brushed it off, thinking the sneeze was probably because of the air conditioning.

She proposed, "Let's head home."

Once they got into the car, Penny remained captivated by the evening's performance. She exclaimed, "The dancer portraying the swan was amazing! Every single move is perfect, noble, and graceful. She looks so pretty!"

Seeing her enthusiasm, Jean teased, "You seem interested in the dance. Do you want to pick up ballet?"

Penny's face brightened, her interest evident. She answered, "A little..."

Always keen to encourage her children's passions, Neera replied with a smile, "If you're interested, I'll enroll you in some lessons."

Overjoyed, the young girl hugged Neera and gave her a kiss. She said, "Thank you, Mommy! You're the best!"

Watching their interaction, a faint smile appeared on Jean's face.

He noticed how well Neera communicated with the kids and respected their wishes. If they showed a genuine interest in something positive, she'd fully support it. Her approach to parenting truly impressed him.

Jean was in a good mood. He said gently, "If you're serious about it, how about I get you the ballet attire and shoes? Consider it a gesture of encouragement."

Penny's eyes sparkled with surprise, and she asked, "For real?"

Jean nodded affirmatively, saying, "Of course."

Penny exclaimed in delight. She was thrilled. She crawled into Jean's lap, hugged him tightly, and gave him a kiss.

Neera looked over and remarked, "You don't need to buy her that. I can handle it."

Jean was not bothered by her refusal. He said, "You saved my mother's life. No amount of money can repay that debt. Even without that, if it's something Penny desires, I'd be happy to buy it as a gift for her."

Saying this, he carried Penny and let her sit comfortably on his lap.

Penny was on cloud nine, thought to herself, Daddy's embrace feels so warm!

Observing Jean's insistence, Neera decided not to argue.

Twenty minutes later, they arrived at Imperial Gardens.

Auntie Zuniga was the only one at home.

Noticing Aunt Adriana's absence, Neera posed the question, "Isn't Aunt Adriana back yet?"

Auntie Zuniga responded, "She phoned earlier, mentioning she's at the hospital with Mrs. Garcia."


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