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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 431

"I'm glad you like it."

Jean chuckled and stroked her hair.

The girl excitedly pulled his hand and demanded, "Uncle Jean, can you bend down a little, please?"

Jean obliged and squatted down. He asked gently, "What's the matter?"

Penny gleefully wrapped her hands around his neck and gave him a peck on the face. She said, "Thank you so much. You've been so kind to me. I promise you that I'll dance well!"

Jean couldn't help but smile with her cute tone. His warm grin was like a gentle breeze melting winter's frost.

He pinched Penny's cheek affectionately and said, "I've faith that you can master ballet."


Penny nodded firmly. Her determination was evident on her face.

A warm feeling welled up inside Neera. She whispered, "You're considerate to think of her."

His kindness is not limited to Penny. This man has always been good to all three of my kids. I've always known and appreciated his kindness.

Jean rose up from the couch. He arched his brow and said nonchalantly, "Have you forgotten? You don't have to be so polite with me!"

He had a genuine affection for the children. Before meeting them, he never had a fondness for kids. But after getting to know them, he felt an inexplicable desire to be closer to them. He couldn't figure out why this change had occurred.

Penny glanced at her parents, her eyes sparkling mischievously. She then blurted out, "Uncle Jean, as a thank you, why don't you have dinner with us tonight?"

She once again grabbed Jean's hand. There was hope brimming in her eyes.

"Is that okay? Please stay!"

Jean could not bring himself to resist her request. He glanced at Neera, and he delightfully agreed after she consented.

During dinner, Harvey remembered something.

He looked hopeful when saying, "There's an upcoming school event. My teacher says that parents are supposed to participate. When Mommy was hospitalized, Uncle Jean showed up at school pretending to be our Daddy. So, can you accompany us this time?"

Subconsciously, Neera glanced at Jean.

He remained calm and asked softly, "What kind of event?"

Harvey responded, "It's a community greenery initiative. Our teacher will lead us in planting trees, and it's going to take two days, meaning we'll need to stay for two nights."

With chicken drumstick grease smeared around his mouth, Sammy chimed in enthusiastically, "And the teacher said after we plant the trees, we get to adopt and name one of the saplings!"

"That's right!"

Penny quickly jumped in to make her case, saying, "It's a meaningful activity. Planting trees is good for the planet and the environment! All the other kids have their parents with them. All the other children will have their parents by their side. Uncle Jean, can you step in and act as our dad, accompanying Mom to the event?"

Neera chuckled helplessly.

Why are the kids so fond of Jean?

"I'm okay with it, but remember, Uncle Jean has a lot on his plate; he might not be available. You shouldn't pressure him."

Before she could finish, Jean interjected, "Pressuring? Not at all. I can go."

Neera glanced at him, saying, "If it's inconvenient for you, don't let them sway you."

Jean met her gaze, responding, "It's fine; I have the time. And don't forget, we're pretending to be a married couple. So technically, I'm their dad in this scenario. It's no big deal."

He then looked at Harvey and said, "Just let me know the specific days so I can plan accordingly."

The triplets cheered happily.

"Thank you, Uncle Jean! You're amazing!"

Harvey immediately replied, "It's next weekend!"

Jean gave a small nod, saying, "Alright, I'll clear my schedule and go with you."

And so, it was settled.

The triplets were ecstatic. This would be the first time that both their parents attended a school function! They were eager to use this chance to create a bond with their father and play matchmaker for him and their mother.


After dinner, Neera stopped Jean as he was preparing to leave.

She urged, "You should get some rest. I'll drop by later to give you your treatment."

Raising an eyebrow, Jean remarked, "Isn't it too soon for the next session?"

Neera said, "You've been pushing yourself hard recently, especially with all those hospital visits. Your body might be more vulnerable. We should take precautions for a potential relapse."

Jean agreed. He then returned to his room next door.


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