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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 443

Neera shook her head and rebuked, "You overestimate me and my company. We don't have the means to acquire every hospital in Kingsview. If you're not convinced, maybe I can take you abroad for a medical check-up?"

Tilda was taken aback and stammered, "You..."

Neera's demeanor changed, her eyes grew icy, and a commanding presence surrounded her, making her seem all the more formidable.

"It's clear to anyone what's happening here. I'll be informing the authorities about this. Given that you've spread false accusations about our business and tried to blackmail us, I'll have my lawyer take you to court."

She decisively took out her phone and contacted the police.

Tilda was taken aback, utterly unprepared for this turn of events. She had not anticipated things unfolding like this.

I had everything planned out and every detail accounted for. I can't let her report this to the police. If that happens, my life is ruined.

"You can't report me!" She exclaimed, her voice tinged with desperation, her teeth clenching.

Neera looked at her with an icy stare, querying, "And why is that?"

Tilda's complexion turned pale, and she struggled to explain.

Of course, Neera understood her hesitation. She decided not to show her any mercy and explained the situation to the police.

Tilda's actions had harmed her business, and she wasn't about to let her off easily.

Witnessing how everything was spiraling out of control, Tilda panicked and muttered to herself.

In a state of extreme fear, she turned around to flee.

Neera narrowed her eyes and commanded, "Katy, stop her! Don't let her get away!"

Katy moved to respond, but before she could, the gathered reporters blocked Tilda's escape route.

Dean Floyd swiftly beckoned to the security guards.

Tilda tried to find an opening to flee, but her effort was futile. She looked utterly wretched when she looked at the camera.

Neera snickered coldly. The gaze in her eyes was filled with contempt.

"You reap what you sow. If you dared to defame my business, then you should've been ready to face the consequences once the truth emerged. You couldn't blame others for this; you brought it on yourselves. Instead of trying to run away, maybe consider how you're going to explain it to the police!"

Tilda's complexion turned horrifyingly pale.

Shortly after, the police arrived at the hospital.

Upon grasping the full picture, they apprehended Tilda for alleged defamation and extortion.

Once Tilda was taken away, the reporters shifted their focus to Dr. Garner, probing, "Are you connected to Ms. Wilcher? Are you in cahoots with her against Startales? What do you feel when Ms. Wilcher is in custody?"

Those questions rendered Dr. Garner speechless and he broke out with sweat.

Finally, Dean Floyd spoke, "Given this incident and our doctor's involvement leading to such a negative impact, I extend a heartfelt apology to Startales. Summerhill Hospital will investigate the unethical behavior of our staff concerning the forged documents. Rest assured, we will get to the bottom of this and punish him accordingly."

Neera accepted the apology and said, "Thank you for your understanding. My apologies for any disruptions this evening."

Dean Floyd waved his hands and stated, "It's our doctor who caused the trouble."

After exchanging a few words, Neera then departed from the hospital.

An hour after the event, the reporters uploaded a video online detailing the entire incident. They clarified that there was nothing wrong with Startales's products.

The medical examination confirmed that Tilda had a seafood allergy. Her actions were malicious slander and extortion. Startales was unjustly accused.

As the story broke, various news platforms picked it up, causing a massive stir. The news went viral, capturing the attention of internet users everywhere.

The first media outlet to cover the story was a nationally renowned source known for its credibility. They have a track record of never reporting misleading information.

Their focus has always been on exposing corrupt businesses in the country; they have a good reputation and have consistently been accurate in their reporting.

Unintimidated by political or power plays, they'd held their ground even when confronting the five main corporations.


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