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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 446

The voice carried a hint of pretentious warmth.

Neera instantly recognized the voice.

Turning her gaze, she found Roxanne standing by the street, her face illuminated with a seemingly genuine smile.

Adriana's lips pressed together in displeasure. Her expression had turned cold. She asked, "Why are you here?"

Seemingly oblivious to Adriana's annoyance, Roxanne answered with a smile, "I'm worried that you might have trouble getting home, so I'm here to pick you up."

With an icy tone, Adriana responded, "Oh! How thoughtful of you."

Roxanne continued to wear a sweet smile on her face. She said, "It's the least I can do."

Neera observed from a distance that a feeling of disgust swept over her.

Roxanne always attempted to flatter and win favor, but whatever schemes she was plotting were far too obvious.

Yet her words reminded Neera of something.

Gently addressing Adriana, she said, "You've been back for some time and must be finding it hard without your own transportation. I asked Katy a few days ago to choose a car for you. It'll be here by tomorrow morning, and I'll come get you with that car."

Adriana's demeanor instantly softened, and she replied with genuine warmth, "Thank you, Neera. You're always thoughtful and considerate."

Roxanne's heart twisted with envy when she watched their exchange.

Both of us are her nieces, but why did Neera share such an intimate bond with Aunt Adriana while I always felt sidelined? She hid her resentment well, knowing the importance of keeping ties with the ANXIN Group for her family's sake.

With that in mind, she ground her teeth to suppress her feelings.

She continued to flatter, saying, "Let's go home. We've prepared dinner for you. You've had a long day. You should go home and get some rest."

Neera ignored her. She said her goodbyes to Adriana and left.

Throughout, she treated Roxanne as if she were invisible.

On her way home, Neera bought two boxes of pastries and had them nicely wrapped.

When she arrived home, the children were still awake and excited.

"Mommy, we saw the news online! Congratulations on your success! You're the best!"

Neera was amused; she said warmly, "Thank you, my darlings."

"Ms. Garcia, welcome home," Auntie Zuniga said, pausing her chores.

"You haven't eaten yet, right? I've kept some food for you. Wash up and have your meal."

"Alright," Neera nodded.

After dinner, Neera grabbed the pastries she had placed on the cabinet.

She called the triplets over and said, "I need to visit Uncle Jean next door. If you guys are sleepy, go to bed now."

The triplets were puzzled when they saw the boxes of pastries in her hand.

"It's late. Uncle Jean couldn't eat these, right?"

Neera explained, "He can eat them tomorrow. He offered me great help and enabled our company to get out of this."

Understanding the situation, the kids eagerly raised their hands and wanted to go with her.

Neera didn't mind.

When they stepped outside the house, three cute puppies, with tails wagging, eagerly followed from behind.

Seeing them behave, Neera lets them come along.

Two minutes later, Jean saw Neera arrive at his house, followed by a string of cuties behind her.

He grinned with a smile and asked, "Why are you here?"

Neera replied honestly, "I'm here to express my gratitude. You've done me a big favor. I consider that you have everything, so I figured pastries might be good. Please accept this as a small token of my appreciation."

She placed the pastries on the coffee table.

Jean arched his brows and teased, "Just giving me pastries as an expression of gratitude? That's insincere!"


Neera was taken aback. She thought Jean wouldn't give much thought to such things.

The triplets also spoke up.

"We also think it's not sincere enough. Uncle Jean's contribution was significant. Mommy, it's not enough to offer pastries."

Harvey said gravely, "You always say we should repay kindness with even greater kindness. Uncle Jean helped you save the company's reputation and losses. You should invite him to a movie or dinner at the very least. The pastries are fine, but for a thank-you gift, they seem a little insufficient."

In a childlike voice, Penny said, "Mommy, if this were ancient times, you'd have to pledge to marry him to repay the favor!"


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